Things I won’t buy again as an esthetician is today’s Spa Skin and Beauty episode.

Lin: Today’s show is a fun one and excited for you to learn about the 

Things I won’t buy again as an esthetician who has seen problems from these products and skincare habits of my clients. If you are new, I am Lindsey a former spa owner and Master Esthetician with over 13 years of experience. Today, I want to help you, along with my sis and skincare enthusiast sister, Ashley, on what not to buy as well as what not to do so you can avoid some potential hazards in skincare. Oh! Come say hi and join our free lapree beauty community at I will also give you some of the main staples in skincare that both Ashley and I personally use everyday to help our skin look younger and act younger. 

Ash: I’ll go first sis.

Let’s talk about Tubby Todd – a possible miracle ointment that I found for Ellison but actually healed my cut that I had on my face!

1.Waterproof Mascara – I won’t buy again, I know this is upsetting! We all love this because your mascara won’t run down your face. However, in order to make waterproof mascara they add PFAs- they use PFAs because they are resistance to water hence creating waterproof mascara – However, it’s not worth wearing it because there are some serious risks. .. as these PFAs have been linked to damage your immune function, cancers, increase your cholesterol –  increase your blood pressure in middle aged women, the list goes on and on. These PFAs are known as the Forever Chemicals because they don’t break down… Could you come up with a scarier name?

Lin – 2. Dry Shampoo – Another one I won’t buy again that we all love – Most Dry Shampoos contain Benzene in them – so if you are looking for a dry shampoo – read the back of the label and make sure this is not in the ingredient list – also a lot of brands will say benzene free – What is so bad about benzene? It is highly toxic and long exposure has been linked to cancers, leukemia, headaches, fertility issues, and these are just some of the issues – there is a longer list. I have included safe dry shampoos at the bottom of this article for you!

 Cleaning tip: I add Distilled white vinegar to my laundry with a couple of drops of essential oils: lavender is great.

Ash – Don’t chemically straighten your hair. Being in the beauty industry, Lindsey and I are always in the know about the latest trends. One of them has been to straighten your hair chemically. It just looks really sleek and honestly beautiful. BUT – there is a study that found where women who straightened their hair at least 4xs a year more than double their risk of ovarian, breast and uterine cancer. Why? Because it gets absorbed into the scalp. Speaking of chemical straighterners, us sisters have an EXCITING product we are about to test out. So my hair has a ton of gray in it right now. I really don’t want to color my hair and put all those harsh chemical in my scalp, yet I do not want gray. I know some of you love the gray hair trend and that is great – but with my complexion I just look more striking with dark brown hair. We are in the process of trying a hair serum that is supposed to restore your hair color using vitamins and nutrients. I am taking before photos and it should take 180 days to see incredible results. So I am testing this out for you to see if it works, then I will let you know about the product and how much it costs and all the stuff. 

Ash – 24 hour sweat proof makeup  – they have PFAs in them to keep the makeup from melting including teflon. Personally I love a tinted moisturizer – we will put some that both Lin and I use in the shownotes. This is one of the benefits of working on your skin to make it healthy and glowing is you don’t have to put on a lot of makeup! Oh and by the way, don’t try on makeup in the stores with the testers… those things are covered with germs – some even with fecal matter – I mean – Im not surpised as so many people don’t wash their hands from the bathroom. So think of me the next time you are in sephora or ulta – you’re welcome!

Cleaning tip: I add Distilled white vinegar to my laundry with a couple of drops of essential oils: lavender is great. Also check out our Spa Skin and Beauty cleansing episode of Beauty Tools and Towels! So good!

Lin: Deodorant: Stop using antiperspirant and use an actual deodorant. I used Earth Mama while pregnant and still use this. BUT also LOVE using glycolic acid wipes (we have the ones I use in the podcast episode under our shop).  Developed by a dermatologist. You can also use these on your belly button, bottom of your feet. And then you just wipe these and not have to use anything. These really work! I used these for months just to see and my body got used to them. When it was really hot on summer days I would take a wipe (they are in individual packets) with me. Or you can get the spray if you prefer not to have individual wipes. It would be nice if the wipes were just in one container (like water wipes etc.)

Lin – Speaking of cleaning – let’s wash those pillow cases and bath towels every other night – those also will hold onto bacteria more than you know. So most people just wash their bath towels once a week – well, towels are really absorbent and can hold bacteria like mildew, mold and even e.coli! Yuck! I read an article that said on day 1 the towel found 250 thousand bacteria and then on day 7, 650 MILLION bacteria. 

It’s worth the investment to just go ahead and order more pillowcases and towels. Here is my big esthetician tip that will save you a ton of money in your products – When buying pillowcases don’t buy cotton as it will just absorb all of your expensive and precious serums and creams. Buy a satin or silk pillowcase. I put my favorite satin pillowcase down below that I buy from amazon. It’s also inexpensive and good quality! 

Lin – Spray Sunscreen –  I know, it’s so easy to just spray the sunscreen on , especially if you have kids or grandkids but there are benzenes in the cans. Uggg!! I won’t go over the list again – but we have our recommendations for sunscreens and I will put them down below for you to find. 

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Love from the Spa Sisters ~ Lindsey and Ashley

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