Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner in Skincare?

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It’s important to know the difference between a physician assistant (PA) and a nurse practitioner (NP) when you are going to visit a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. As all of our episodes are focused on skincare and healthy skin, this master esthetician will dive into sharing about the important differences so you will know if that will work for you for your skincare appointment and skincare needs.

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How Long Does Your Makeup and Skincare Last?

A big question us skincare sisters and master esthetician get asked a lot is: How long does your makeup and skincare last? Such a fantastic question, and I love answering it because it is a super important one. I also give you important information about your


Makeup Brushes



and Organizing and editing tips!


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Vitamin C Serum and what to Look for in your Skin

This master esthetician and former spa owner talks not only about the POWERFUL benefits of vitamin C serum but also about what you should look for in your serum. After all, serums are expensive, so let’s find one that is going to give you results for your skin! We...

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Skin when SICK – How to Take Care of You!

How to Take Care of your skin when SICK! When you are sick, it is the worst-and your skin take a toll fast. It gets dry, dull, irritated, inflamed, crusty, and downright just a mess. Especially around your nose if you are blowing your nose a lot! And not just on your...

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

One of our FAVORITE HOLIDAYS is here and included is our Valentine's Day Gift Guide of course! It’s Valentine’s Day!! Chocolate for your tastebuds and Chocolate for your SKINCARE is  a must! Cozy UGLY shoes are a must! (We explain in the pod) The EASIEST DYI...

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Contact Dermatitis and Hives

Contact Dermatitis and Hives is on this Spa Skin and Beauty podcast episode! Today's skincare episode is going to dive into common skin conditions, such as contact dermatitis and hives. As a former spa owner and master esthetician for over 13 years, I talk about...

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Give Your Skin Grace

So what do you do? No worries; I got you. Today, I am going to share my lazy routine with you when you can barely wash your face BUT you still want results. It is so simple! Enjoy this special solo Spa Skin and Beauty episode on giving your skin grace. Giving your...

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How to Take Care of Your Skin After the Holidays

How to reset your skin after the holidays is a highly requested question! After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So, let’s begin today and get back your radiant pre-holiday skin! After all, we all (including us sisters) enjoyed all the...

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