Sponge Spicules and Liquid microneedling is the newest Korean Skincare trend and that is why Ashley, and I are talking about it today on our Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast! Today’s show is a short and spicy one today!!! Or should I say short and prickly.

What the heck are Spicules? 😳 These are the spikes that can be found on sea sponges. A cool science fact is that sponges are in the sea and are the oldest living organism on the planet. 🌊

If you look at these spicule sponges under the microscope you will see all the variety of shapes of these spike-like needles. If you would like to see an example of what they look like, we have it in our lapree beauty online skincare community. This can be found at www.lindseyholder.com

Oh! Just in case you are wondering, the sponges that contain these spicules (spikes) are not the same as the sponges you can bathe with. The ones we bathe and shower with are called silk sponges and they are harmless. I love incorporating these into my shower routine for a luxurious spa like experience!

Back to the topic, the purpose of the spicules is to perform a type of physical exfoliation. The needle-like spicules are extracted from the sponges and put into the masks, creams, and serums. Its purpose is to penetrate the skin to get products deeper into the skin’s tissue.

Let’s talk The Proposed Benefits of a Sponge Spicule Treatment

The benefits of incorporating the spicules into a mask, serum, or cream are said to create the effects of microneedling for the purpose of exfoliation.

 It is supposed to help other skincare ingredients go deeper into the skin for better absorption. 

It has been said to stimulate collagen production and fill in your fine lines and wrinkles. 

The 2 Big Questions that Pop into My Mind with Sponge Spicues are: 

  1. Is it more effective than using a chemical skincare exfoliant or doing at home dermarolling?  
  2. Is it safe?

For me, after researching, I think I want to try this! I think I will do a patch test for this first before putting it all over my face. However, if you are on the fence, you still have your tried-and-true methods of at home derma roller, retinoids, at home chemical exfoliators, etc.  This one is pretty interesting to me and got me attention, especially since it is a treatment without needles. I will continue to be curious about spicules and will continue to follow the research.

Before jumping in – During our research, we discovered that it can be harmful for some individuals because the spikes of the spicules can get stuck in the skin. 

Also, some sponge spicules can have toxic mucus on them, and I definitely don’t want that in my skin. 

We want you to also be aware that these sponge spicules can be pretty abrasive to the skin.

You can develop sponge dermatitis from using these sponge spicules masks, creams, and or serums. If you decide to do this, we have our suggestions on how to do this in a safer way with a licensed esthetician that you trust in our online skincare community called lapree beauty which can be found at www.lindseyholder.com 

We list where you should not perform it on the face, and some tips on how your esthetician should do this procedure, as well as what at home skincare routines you should STOP DOING BOTH before and after this procedure. 

See you inside!

Also, if you want to ask a skincare question so we can talk about it on the show, feel free to do that too.

One of our community members asked about fascia blasting! We thought that was a good question, so Ashley took some before pics of her legs and she is currently testing out this process!! So exciting! We will update you on her findings!! 

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Have a wonderful week and Until next time! 

Beauty Smiles,

Lindsey and Ashley

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