Obagi Medical has been one of the products that I have been using these days on myself and in the treatment room and I am LOVING its results. My skin is so smooth, glowy and the texture amazing. Obagi has opened its doors for the first time to sell in Day Spas and a lot of the Estheticians out there are ecstatic. 

In this podcast, we are going to learn more about Obagi Medical with our special guest Jaime Castle, CEO of Obagi Medical Products. 

She shares…..

  • The goal of the company
  • How the products work and how is it different from the other skincare products
  • Tips and tricks for your skincare

And many more.

Check out these Obaji Medical Highlights:

  • [01:32] Insight on how she made the decision to market Obagi in day spas
  • [03:30] Jaime’s role in Obagi, how it came about, and how Obagi is different from other skincare products
  • [08:27] Why aestheticians are very important
  • [11:04] Obagi’s decision to make their switch to market
  • [15:19] Top Obagi and my few personal favorites
    • [15:30] Microdermabrasion polish mask
    • [18:41] Vitamin C
    • [21:56] Elastiderm Eye Cream
    • [24:49] Elastiderm Facial Serum
  • [29:40] Jaime’s favorite Obagi products and skincare routine
  • [34:21] Jaime’s favorite beauty tips and tricks

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