Today, Ashley and I are going to talk to you about the Best Water Filter system we found. We both bought one for our home and are in love with it. This is the best water filter we have found because it tastes delicious, keeps the minerals in the water, and does not take up counter space. It also flows fast, so there is no waiting around for the water to flow.

Ash – Healthy Swap – this tip goes along with using fresh water ! Love this tip so much! Listen to this episode to discover Ashley’s secret healthy swap tip.

Ash – Let’s talk about the process of filtering water and why chemicals are good for your water but not good for you to drink. So do you know what is in your tap water? I looked it up and I put the link in the show notes where you can look them up to. I also put some water resources for you in the show notes so you can do your own research for water in your area. Here they are below.

Water Research Resources for You

Contaminants – Water Quality Association (

Link to find what is in your tap water – SDWIS Federal Reports Search (

Water Topics | US EPA

Drinking Water | Drinking Water | Healthy Water | CDC

Water Resources – Science | U.S. Geological Survey (

Ash – So I looked up our state which is SC and found 10 chemicals listed-  I can’t pronounce them all but some stuck out to me like Nitrate, Chromium, Chlorate and Chloroform.  I know some of our listeners are in New York and they had the same chemicals in their water as us.. California was worse than us though – they had arsenic and radium 228. I checked into Florida because that is my dream state to live in and they had some yucky contaminants such as Arsenic and Radium 228 and Radium 226. I’m not saying this to scare you, just for you to be informed and do your research and see for yourself. It also was a big motivation for both Lindsey and I to seriously research a water filter that would take the chemicals out of our tap water before we drank it.

Lin – We like to drink a lot of water year round for our skin – It helps to prevent acne, maintain your skin’s elasticity, helps soften  fine lines and wrinkles, flush out toxins, and keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated! 

Ash – So let’s talk about chemicals in your water.

Chemicals in your water

Water is treated with chemicals to kill bugs and bacteria, and all the yucky, harmful stuff. The optimal time to add those chemicals is just prior to drinking the water. Your home’s pipes turn into a breeding environment for these bugs and bacteria when the chemicals are completely removed from the entire house.

You really need to filter your drinking water right before you drink it. If you don’t, then  all the metals from your home’s piping are in your drinking water. 

A lot of people, including me, thought that reverse osmosis water was the best. The only reason I did not buy a reverse osmosis water system was because the price was astronomical. Well, I am glad I did not. Yes, they are great filter systems, but the problem is that they are too good. They remove beneficial minerals that include both calcium and magnesium. When you drink this kind of water, your body will leach minerals from it. Considering most of us are already deficient in magnesium, this is really not good. 


Lin – We’ve talked about the importance of magnesium in the past, so let’s just give a quick review. 

Magnesium is vital to every organ in the body, including the heartbeat, muscle response, and hormone production/balancing. Most of us are deficient in magnesium because our soils are depleted of magnesium because of industrial agriculture. Also, reverse osmosis systems in homes as well as bottled water can remove 90% of the calcium and magnesium from the water you drink. 

When we were looking for a water purification system, we were looking for one that would really filter out the chemicals from the water, but leave the minerals in. We also wanted one that was affordable – not an easy thing to find, by the way, considering most are in the thousands—and we also wanted one that would fit under the sink. I have tried several reputable counter systems that can go on your counter or in the fridge, and well – they are a pain to refill and really take up a lot of counter space- It’s just not practical. Then you have the water filter pitchers that don’t remove all the harmful chemicals. 

Water Filter System We Chose

The water Filter system that we chose is called Atla – we had never heard of it before but based on what it could do and the price was significantly lower compared to the other filtration models – so we both bought one to try it. 

We liked how the Atla Water system keeps all the magnesium and the trace minerals in your water unlike reverse osmosis water systems.

Ash – It has four filters your tap water goes through – by the way – it hooks up to your cold water tap side. – if you are handy or have someone who is handy in your household, it will take about 30 to 45 minutes to install. It fits under the sink and lasts a year. After that, you buy a replacement filter. I also like that if you sell your home or move out of your apartment/condo, you can take the water filter with you. The filters are a 5-Micron Coconut Carbon Black, KDF-55, Fluorgon, and a 0.5 Micron Coconut Carbon Black.

Water Filter Descriptions from Atla Water Filter Systems

5-Micron Coconut Carbon Block

Sediment wrap prevents filter cartridge from clogging

5-micron filtration (blocks particles larger than 5 microns *)

Activated Coconut Carbon (reduces most chemicals including chlorine, VOCs, etc. *)


Reduces both positively charged and negatively charged contaminants

Reduces water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, etc. *

Controls the buildup of bacteria, algae, and fungi *


Reduces fluoride, chromium, arsenic, aluminum, et al *

Fluorgon™ is a safe, aluminum-free amalgamation of hydroxyapatite, calcium carbonate, and carbon

0.5-Micron Coconut Carbon Block

0.5-micron filtration (blocks particles and parasites greater than 0.5 microns *)

Activated Coconut Carbon (reduces remaining chemicals, if any, and polishes taste)

Here is a quote from the Atla website about a customer’s experience with water filtration systems.

“Our family had a very unfortunate experience with the reverse osmosis filter we installed earlier this year (we did not know it was depleting all of us of magnesium until we started exhibiting symptoms of magnesium deficiency a few months later). We took a chance and pulled the trigger on your product, then we sent water samples to an independent lab. We received the results today and I’m so, so glad to see them. I feel much more at ease and very satisfied with the water my family is drinking now! Thank you. And I forgot to add that I have a B.S. in environmental toxicology, with an emphasis in water quality. So you can imagine how important it is to me to have clean, healthy drinking water!” ASHLEY EVERLY, MERIDIAN, ID

How Atla came to be

Lin – I’m always curious about the inventors of products. I love to see what inspired them and how they came up with their idea. So the founder of Atla is a mechanical engineer with a physics background. He liked how water from mountain streams tasted lighter and vibrant, so he wanted to invent a system that would do this. He has been doing this since 2006 and his goal was to create perfect tap water. Both Ashley and I completely agree that he did just that. It is delicious and feels soft on your tongue and does not have a smell like the tap water did before we installed it. We also love how fast it flows. There is not a difference in the flow after you install the under the sink system. That was another plus – it’s not on the counter taking up space. 

Ash – I thought it was cool that he came up with a vortex system because in nature with spring water, it is flowing and resting. So he was able to reproduce this with his system. And it really does work! Even my kids noticed the taste. I am beyond impressed with this water system and can vouch it is the best tasting water I have had. 

I have to say that I am proud of Lindsey and I finding this Atla water filter system and am so happy to share it with all of you. I have been looking for a water system for years and am happy that my search is finally over! 

However, no matter what water filter you choose, we want you to drink clean water. We hope this podcast encouraged you to examine your water more closely and choose the right method for you.

Cheers to our health

Sending you Beauty Smiles,

Lindsey & Ashley

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