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Savvy Santa: Holiday Gift Guide 2014

December 1st, 2014 · Beauty, Fashion, Holidays, My Favorite Things, Shopping, Style



Savvy santa Gift guide2


~Warm your Hot Cocoa & get ready to head to the Savvy Santa Sleigh! The 2014 Savvy Gift Guide is here, my personal favorites this year on what I use in my daily living~

Stay toasty in these warmly lined camel slippers; carry all your everyday essentials in this over-sized tassle loving tote! Candle lighting is a must at my bungalow, enjoy this Jonathan Adler “pepper scent”, which is gender neutral {great also to light at my spa} Need a little room for stretch? Old Navy has it down with a lightweight cord that makes you look slender & chic, Wal-mart {yep, Wal-mart} has incredible deals on cozy &  layering scarves. Thank goodness for this gel liner from Benefit, I now can make a believable cat-eye with the resting easy applicator; line your lips in these Ulta oversized lip crayons in rich gorgeous winter-y colors {fashionista is the perfect pink color & date night is a richer merlot}. Walk all day in Clark’s suede booties & even transfer them to night easily with tights and baubles; read -up and get great insight & perspective into the wildness of the male Christian heart. Finally, for the foodie in all of us, these miniature crockpots are so adorable and perfection for keeping appetizer dips warmed & my local Olive Oil company has the best tasting olive oil to perfect your palate~not to mention delicious to drizzle on salads and yes…even icecream!

Savvy Santa 2014

1} LAMO Mocassin Chestnut slippers : $30 Cozy up in these ultra warm slippers with faux sheepskin lining for cold winter nights and a hard enough sole to allow comfortable steps along.

2} Big BuddhaParson tote : $95 Toss everything & get on the go in this sturdy over-sized necessity in my life. Removable shoulder strap when needed, big roomy “box”style to carry your everyday items in. LOVE!

3} Old Navy Sweetheart Cords: $34  A MUST! Disclosure: I have almost every color & love them all. These cords are stretchy enough to move comfortable in and sleek enough to give you a great silhouette. The material is light enough to not feel “weighted down” & prevents from that extra bulky look.

4}Jonathan Adler Pepper candle: $38 {found Mine at Nordstrom Rack for $10}: Enjoy this soy based Spicy Peppercorn Scented candle, which comes also in a reusable vessel. A perfect blend of not too sweet & perfect for Holidays.

5}Cashmillion Knit Infinity Scarves: $7+ An abundance of scarves I do have, I must admit. I fell for the Wal-mart Infinity scarves as they are ultra-light, which I prefer on days when I need a little warmth around my neck but not too much. When I need more coverage, I add a second one for the perfect balance to keep off the winter chill.

6}Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Gel Liner : $24 Wow. A little obsessed with this liner. For those who adore the look of a cat eye but need a professional to apply, look no further. The tip of this liner rests against your lash line & allows for a even thick line, making your eyes appear larger and gorgeous. I dust a little light matte or shimmer prior to create a sleek put together day look.

7}Ulta Lip Liner Crayon :$8 Easy to apply, great pigment color and ultra long lasting. After paying over double for name brand large lip liners, stumbling upon these was the perfect fit.

8}ClarksKently Laila booties : $120 Searching hi & lo for the perfect Winter bootie, of course Clark’s did it again with their stylish & comfortable Kently Laila. These do run large, so purchase a 1/2 size to full size down.

9}Wild at Heart {by John Eldridge}$8+ Followed this book after reading Captivating. Read away & be fascinated on  insight into the Wild Side of a Christian Man. He is both Wild & Soft hearted at the same time, read on to learn about it. This book even made it to my Savvy Book Nook.

10}Kitchen Selectives 1.5 L Stainless Steel  crockpot : $19 The absolute perfect size for heating & keeping chocolates, dips & cheeses warm for your guests. Three  temperature settings allow for  heating & warming options.

11} Palmetto Olive Oil Company: $14+ Drizzle on Savory or Sweet {Tuscan Herb is a perfect blend} atop your salads, bruschetta,pesto, hummus dip side dishes & meals.

Happy Holidays


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Meet Bryan Gibbs, New York PA to Susan Sarandon

November 10th, 2014 · Celeb Assistants

Processed with MoldivThis SC based blogger doesn’t get to meet all the PA’s when interviewing for Savvy. BUT, the next time I”m in NYC, I would love to play a game of Spin Pong with Bryan or take those puppies for a walk as he seems like the Best Friend you’d love to be around.  He is lucky to have Susan Sarandon for a boss {chocolate goodies from trips huge +++ in my book}, and she is equally blessed to have a PA of his kindness in her court as well.  Thank you Bryan for your promptness, good spirits and overall awesomeness when communicating. Proud to call you a PA.  Enjoy getting to know Bryan Gibbs, PA to the one & only mesmerizing Susan Sarandon.

LH: How did you become a Personal Assistant to Susan & have you had prior experience as one?

Bryan: I used to be a stage manager in theatre and met Susan while working on Exit The King with her. Three years later, I just happened to call her when she was looking to hire a new assistant and I asked if she’d hire me. She had me come over and offered me the job, so I quit the show I was supposed to start later that week and instead started with Susan the next day. While I had never been a personal assistant per se, all of my stage management skills – scheduling, coordinating, generally making things happen – lent themselves extremely well to this job. Instead of managing a cast of thirty, I only have to handle one person, which is great.

Bryan & Susan

LH:  NY is just absolutely gorgeous this time of year! What fun little spot that you favor to visit but is under the radar?

Bryan: I live in New Jersey and only commute to the City for work, so I don’t spend any of my free time there. It’s not under the radar, but in the summer I like to sit outside at Blockheads on Worldwide Plaza and drink Black Flowers (sangria with a margarita float).

LH:  Uber is the latest and greatest App everyone is using! What other Apps do you use that helps make your life more efficient as a PA?

Bryan: I just discovered Task Rabbit which is life-changing. You can pay people to do practically anything and schedule/pay for it all through the app. Moving, painting, messenger service, party staff, light-bulb-changing. Really, almost anything. I also can’t live without Exit Strategy. If you use the NY subway regularly, you know you can save time by boarding the train at the perfect spot so that when you arrive at your stop, you land right in front of the exit you need. Exit Strategy helps you figure out which car you should be on for any given stop in the City.

task rabbitexit strategy

LH: You mentioned on Twitter you are a lover of history documentaries {me too, actually}. I think that’s awesome. Which one has intrigued you the most?

Bryan: Anything by Ken Burns.

LH:  A life of a PA can be hectic & fast paced. What do you like to do during the day to get refreshed & refocused?

Bryan: I’ll occasionally drink a 5 hour energy or, if I can, take a nap on the couch. I also like to just stand at look at the amazing views out the windows. In theatre, I worked in a lot of basements, so having a ton of windows never gets old.

Bryan Gibbs profile

LH: So, I gotta ask: Are you a die hard fan of Spinpong? A little evidence {pic enclosed} lol. For those readers who have no idea what I’m talking about, would you like to share what exactly it is and how can they get involved?

Bryan: SPiN is best described as a ping pong social club. It’s right on 23rd and Park. Susan and her business partners took it from being an underground thing among friends to something totally legit. I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan only because I’m not in the City for fun very often, but I always have a great time when I’m there. I love that you can eat and drink your face off and still not feel super full because of all the moving around you do while playing.

Processed with Moldiv


LH: Oh so sweet that Your boss SS spoils you with Icecream & chocolate goodies {pic enclosed}. What gifts make you feel appreciated the most? Do you prefer time off, a service like a massage or relaxation or good ‘ol sweets?!

Bryan: I do get special chocolate from nearly every trip that Susan goes on and that’s all I really need in life. It’s not expected at all, but it’s really nice that she even thinks about me when she travels.


LH: Penny Lane {aka MsPennyPuppy} has quite a following on Twitter {and her playmate sis @msrigbypuppy}! She is totally adorable! What is her favorite unusual puppy treat?

Bryan: Anything she can fetch. She’s super neurotic about her toys and will get mad at you if you don’t throw one of them for her.

{warning: cuteness picture overload below:}

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Thank you Bryan Gibbs for sharing with Savvy readers! Wishing you mounds of chocolate ahead, Spinpong challenges and oodles of canine love from @mspennypuppy and @msrigbypuppy~


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5 Nutrition & Fitness tips

August 28th, 2014 · Exercise, Food, Health, Skinny Tips

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Meeting a trainer one day a week has made a HUGE difference in getting nutritional info. as well as surviving  killer workouts using muscles I wouldn’t have otherwise. Here is a mix of  Exercise & Nutrition tips I’ve learned recently &  passing it right along to ya:

1} Mix It UP: No fancy treadmill is needed. These steps shown above near my casa are all I need. The blue barrel? A truck driving school nearby uses these to block off their driving area. I use them to weave in & out of and S P R I N T  down.

2} Protein Powder: Instead of adding Peanut Butter to shakes,  use 1 scoop of Protein Powder to reduce the fat. In addition, make use of  bruised & over ripened fruit by  tossing it into your shake, add a little yogurt & Almond milk {lower cals}. My favorite inexpensive blender I use {here}

Processed with Moldiv

Over ripened fruit to a Peachy Yummy smoothie!

3} P O P C O R N:  I ADORE, crave & quite frankly have a fixation over POPCORN. Switch out the sodium overloaded prepackaged popcorn with the old school stove popped version:

*Use 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil in a Pot over the stove, the old fashioned way!
*1 Cup of Popcorn Kernels
*1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt, Mix & indulge

4} Swap this for That: Little changes add up. Add Kale to your smoothies to get your greens{switch out with Spinach when need a change from Kale}. For the rest of your Kale bag, oven bake them with olive oil & a dash of salt for a crunchy snack {best if eaten hot out of the oven}. Swap out the mashed potatoes for pureed Garlic Cauliflower. If you do have a potato craving, change it to a sweet potato instead for a healthy option.

5} Different Movements, different parts: Switch up your routine to use different muscles. It is soo darn easy to get stuck in the exercise rut. Try something fun & if intimated, ask for help. My recent overcome? Trying this “Jacob’s Ladder” . Talk about challenging, Wowza!

photo (3)


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