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How to Remember Your Blessings

August 10th, 2014 · My Favorite Things


Lindsey’s kelly green blessings journal

Remember that time when you needed a friend and your phone randomly rang soon after by your bestie or sibling?

Remember when you asked for something to come true but it didn’t? Time passed and you found out why and what a blessing it was!?

Remember your business had challenges and roadblocks that stalled your steps? Later on your wildest dreams came true when the timing was right?

 How do you remember ALL your blessings, L I T T L E or BIG?

EASY…write those suckers down~

A few months ago I decided to start my BLESSINGS journal. I felt it would help me with the challenges I faced ahead to see how my past was answered. Instead of writing a long drawn out journal, I’ll write the date or season along with ONE-THREE+ sentences on the blessings I’ve noticed. When life is tough, it’s hard to remember what has been given to you and reminds you to hold on, the blessing is on it’s way. You just can’t see it yet.

It can be a new person that has crossed your path. That person can lead to meeting another person that can be awesome in your life and creates huge value. It can be finding some extra money you did not expect or even answered prayers you’ve been working on. Funny how in the few months I’ve started my journal, my entries are getting more and more.

It is such a joy and LAUGH reading back my blessings. Everything I prayed about seemed to take some time. And then suddenly one day it was taken care of by itself.  These have been relating to both  tough decisions and little ones…from life prayers to helping me find a great computer person or my California friend & family visiting me at Christmas time when I need it that year. Truly Amazing.

Example Entry: {I write messy & fast} Desired a later Sunday service at my church. Later on, it was announced a new one was starting:



Funny how sometimes “L I T T L E  blessings are BIG ones in disguise

Give it whirl & see what happens. It’s actually pretty cool to read back and see all the blessings that have been given. For me, it has made me a more patient person knowing I can’t see what’s on other end but know God has my back. He’s kinda cool like that.

My other fab journal? Check out My Inspirational one ~here~



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7 Savvy Home Essentials

July 22nd, 2014 · My Favorite Things, Savvy Finds


7 savvy home essentials

MAD Rush…

…how my AM starts off once I have touched the floor. I need my coffee FAST, my smoothie made in rocket speed, water infused to help down the recommended daily dose of H20, outfits pressed pronto {pressed? forget it…a quick steam for me}, veggies & produce that will stay fresh longer, my ability to chat while applying morning make-up & be able to blast my Spotify tracks to dance {I mean get ready… ok maybe both}.


Enjoy these 7 Savvy Home Essentials that help me do..well, just that.

The 7 Essentials

1} Drink up: World Market Glass Infuser Dispenser {$24}. Add Strawberries & Mint, cucumbers, lemon or whatever your thirst desires.

2} Get Dressed: Extreme Steam by Conair {$28} Gets the job done fast with high steam, dressed to impress in minutes.

3} Turn it up : SONOS speaker Playlist1  {$200 }. Worth every penny, incredible bass & surround sound. Create a “pair”  if desire L & R speakers-

4} Hands Free: LG Bluetooth Headset {$80 normally}. Talk freely while chatting, good sound quality & comfortable.

5} Fresh Produce: Collapsible Produce Keeper {$16}.Keeps veggies fresh & crisp so much longer! super love. Collapsible? done.

6} Blend it: Farberware Single Serve Blender {$28}. Smoothie heaven. Add whatever you fancy & blends fast!

7} Caffeine now: Kitchen Essentials Single Cup {$10-$16}. Use E V E R Y am.  Made it twice on my savvy lists, I enjoy it that much.

~start your day off awesome~

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Photo Story: A New Take on your Next Photo Session

July 6th, 2014 · Fashion, Home Decor, My Favorite Things, Savvy Finds, Style

~VISION  up your next  photo session with your beloved~

My good friend Julie {aka Jules}recently celebrated  8 years with her hubby. She wanted a visionary that represented the “real us” as she stated. It was to take place over 3 scenes, each meaningful places for the couple.  Jules shares below a creative way to express your  love through a Photo Story

{Photo Story, Scene One}:

Jules & her hubby Dave are on a coffee date. They originally met at this cafe 8 years ago on a blind date. Five years later, she informed Dave they were expecting their first child. The photographer {The skilled Josh Norris} captured the couple as they shared a memorable latte going down memory lane:

…where it all first began…


{Photo Story, Scene Two}:

Jules & Dave have a love of  T r a v e l. It has been awesome hearing about their global trots over the years to places such as Africa, Yap {I admit I had to look that one up}, Palau, Alaska & along the Mediterranean to name a few. Josh captured their united passion at a local airport. How stylish are these two lovebirds?

Oh the places we have been & the places we will go together!

{Photo Story, Scene Three}:

Julie wanted one of the locations to represent the intimate side of them so chose a contrasting scene. The last scene was  taken by Josh in their backwoods. They both dressed formally yet stayed barefoot for the natural setting.



What makes the scenes come together seamlessly & effortlessly? Hire an uber talented photographer like this guy.

behind the scenes gathering the perfect backwoods moment


~Meet:  Josh Norris~ {For top notch pics & from what I hear  personality style to match, check out Josh’s incredible visionaries here}

Josh Jules Dave

~A Special Thank you to my friend Julie for sharing her P h o t o   S t o r y  with our readers & Josh Norris of Josh Norris Photography~


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