45 birthday skincare tips

It’s my 45th Birthday! I’m excited to Share 45 birthday skincare tips I have learned!

I just turned 45 years young and am sharing my 45 birthday skincare tips with you today! As an esthetician and spa owner, my passion in life is skin and keeping my skin as healthy and youthful looking as possible! I have served over 10,000 clients at my spa with 8 estheticians working alongside me! Now, I am excited to teach others online through my free anti-aging skin care community, how they can have their most beautiful skin.

I get questions on how can I improve my crow’s feet, what can I do to get rid of my forehead wrinkles without Botox? My skin has brown spots – what are those and how can I make them go away?

Well let’s begin with 45 birthday skincare tips I’ve learned that have helped me:

1. Inside Out. See foods as medicine and your gut as the center of it all.Andrew Huberman, Dr. David Sinclair, Dr David Berg, bobby parrish of flavcity on instagram

2. Hormones are the life of your skin. Embrace they have changed and learn how to help your body adjust to them. Fasting has helped me adjust to this, I talk about this below.

3. Skincare must be combined with modalities. 100%.

4. Light therapy is an absolute must to add into your routine. You are reaching your mitochondria.

5. Don’t always wash your face in the am- use your skins natural oils (unless acneic)

6. When you see leafy green veggies, see Chlorophyll and its benefits such as reducing toxins & boosting red blood cells

7. Use beauty patches for forehead and beauty patches for the entire face.

8. Use Oils. Jojoba is my favorite. I also prefer my first cleanse as an oil as it attracts all your makeup like a magnet.

9. Home micro-needle is a must in the weekly routine

10. Microneedle everywhere– face, neck, chest, inner elbows, eyebrows, hairline, hands, back of thighs. I use the facial kit and the body attachment for cellulite and elasticity.

11. Meditate daily- reduce your stress

12. Reduce inflammation in your body- the underlying cause of most issues

13. Use mild water to wash your skin vs hot. Finish with cold

14. Do lymph drainage while doing your am & pm skincare

15. Make sure your supplements are on point: Add a Vit C & D

16. Too much biotin can cause side effects i.e. skin rashes so don’t over do it

17. Rosacea needs cooling items. I still allow 1 warm facial towel and then switch to everything cool bc life’s too short to not have at least 1 warm essential oil towel

18. Use a humidifier to keep skin hydrated

19. Use aromatherapy

20. Exercise to activate DNA repair

21. Intermittent fasting is a top secret to very successful people & celebrities. The growth hormone produced are key as well as the disease prevention.

22. Fast both intermittent and do longer ones. Dr Berg on YouTube has excellent resource videos

23. Do lymph massage on your face and body. Go to a lymph massage therapist first to learn the moves.

24. Wind down with CBD and wake up to it to be alert & help with anxiety. CBD is great in serums & oils to calm the skin

…Well, that is 24 of these tips! The remaining of the tips are in our lapree beauty, FREE anti-aging skincare community where you have access to skin resources, beauty tips, videos, discounts for skincare, community support with other skin obsessed lovers and more!

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