I was so excited about brow lamination! If you’re not wanting to commit to microblading right now, there is a solution for you! My sis, Ashley, and I just had our brows laminated and we are telling you all about it right now!

Brow Lamination

I’ve also heard them called a brow sculpt or brow lift. 

Now you may have already heard about this treatment, it still is relatively new. It originated on the beauty market in around 2019 but got super-hot and trendy around 2020. 

Who is the pioneer of Brow Lamination? One of the original founders that I could find was Leigh Blackwell, who is the owner of the London Brow Company.

What is Brow Lamination?

Short version: A perm for the brows. It uses a perm solution that straightens and lifts brow hairs. They called it LAMINATED because the eyebrow hairs look like they are in such a uniform position. Its creating brushed up, fuller, fluffier and feathery looking brows. This adds volume, and I think a more defined arch. Overall, brow lamination makes the brow area appear larger and fuller, giving a more youthful look.

One easy way to look youthful, is to have more hair on the brows and lashes (but groomed of course). It looks like permanent soap brows, if you remember that trend popping up a few years ago. Great for those who have unruly brow hairs which I definitely do and am constantly brushing them in place. I really think the brow lamination process lifts the face!

How Brow Lamination works: Let’s chat about the process: 

  1. First, of course all brow makeup is removed and oils. I recommend coming to your appointment with clean skin and clean brows and makeup free everywhere.  This is what I use to clean my brows prior to my appointment. If you have sensitive skin, then use this product.
  2. Secondly: a barrier is applied around your brows because you want to protect the skin. This is usually a balm such as Aquaphor, Vaseline, etc. 
  3. Ok, the fun part: your brows are shaped, and a glue will be applied on how you want them to “set” or look. This is very important and do not be shy about telling Esthetician or brow artist if you like the look or not. Some people prefer them standing super straight up in all areas and others like the front part straight and the rest closer to the arch a little more swooped. I’m a little bit more on the swooped side. Otherwise, I looked like a lion.  But overall, it’s taking that “curl” out of those brows, so they lay flat!
  1. Now the perming solution is applied. This solution breaks down the protein chain in your brow hairs and makes them super sculptable. The lamination solution itself raises the ph of your hair and skin. This solution does not need to be left on long at all. The time left on will also depend on the thickness of your brows. You really need to be careful with this, because even having it on less than a minute longer can make them overprocessed. Then they will be brittle and have that ‘fried look”. 

You may have your Esthetician apply a plastic wrap over the brows. That helps them keep their shape while the solution is working.

  1.  By the way, fun fact-it’s just like having a lash lift and tint but just on your eyebrows. 

After the solution has set, then it is removed with cotton rounds and the neutralizer is applied. This is a very important step because it stops the brows from processing. The neutralizer is usually left on for the same amount of time as your processor. 

And that’s it! Your Esthetician may decide to put a serum or castor oil to keep them hydrated. 


this would be the time if you want to take it to the next level to have them tinted as well. This is my preference for that really dramatic look! 

Also, after this step your Esthetician will trim the brows. I think it looks neater when they are trimmed. I also get mine waxed as well for an overall full brow moment. 

Why do it?

This is a great alternative to those who don’t want to do microblading and also those to achieve thicker, fuller brows. I can attest it really made my brows as well as my sister, Ashley’s brows, appear super thick and full. 

How long does brow lamination last and what to avoid

How long does it take to perform the brow lamination? It depends on your Esthetician, but can take anywhere from 45 min-1 hr. It also depends on if you are adding a tint, trim and wax.

Your brows lamination can last typically about 4-6 weeks. 

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What not to do prior to a brow lamination?

Avoid any retinols, harsh exfoliants or acids a few days prior to your service. Also, avoid threading, tweezing or waxing a week prior. Those can be done at your brow lamination appointment. 

If you are highly sensitive or have severe acne, I definitely recommend a patch test on your skin for 24 hours ahead of time.

Who is it for?

The good news: Really anyone is a good candidate. It’s especially ideal for those with thin brows who are wanting to achieve a full, voluminous look!

How to take care of it

Don’t get your brows wet 24 hours after your service. There’s not really any maintenance.  I also like to add a lash or brow serum daily. This is the serum that we use

Tint? Yes, you can tint your brows after you laminate them! Mine looked great doing this. Your tint should be applied after the lamination. This way the brows are receptive to the tint since the hairs were treated with the chemical lotion beforehand

Our list of Favorite Brow Products

  1. Brow Serum to keep brows nourished and not brittle. Also helps to naturally grow more brows.
  2. Lash serum to keep lashes naturally long. Helps to regrow your lashes.
  3. Brow and Eye makeup wash
  4. Ashley’s favorite mascara because she has extremely sensitive eyes.
  5. Lindsey’s two favorite mascara – this one and this one
  6. Our favorite at home brow microneedle head and at home microneedle for face

Things that can happen

  1. Your brows curled: Why did this happen? The processor was left on too long. 
  2. After the service, watch out for: itching, redness, swelling peeling or developing bumps.
  3. A few hairs fall out: This is most likely due to the hair growth cycle of that eyebrow hair and it should grow back in its usual direction
  4. Lastly, I would recommend to not get it done sooner than 4 weeks to reduce the risk of damaging brows. 

The sisters!

Lindsey and Ashley
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“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.” Jack Black