I am beyond excited to release this kindle edition pregnancy book entitled, YOUR’E PREGNANT! 100 TIPS ON WHAT TO KNOW: By an Esthetician: Plus, My BEST Pregnancy Skincare Tips. During my pregnancy with Ellison, I researched constantly on everything from diapers, to the best workouts, what the essential pregnant items are and of course, the best skin care tips for pregnant women.

My pregnant skin care tips come from over 13 years of experience as both a licensed esthetician and owner of my own luxury spa. In this book, YOUR’E PREGNANT! 100 TIPS ON WHAT TO KNOW: By an Esthetician: Plus, My BEST Pregnancy Skincare Tips you will find the following and so much more:

  • What should I begin planning after the pregnancy test?
  • What important vitamins should I take in addition to a prenatal multivitamin?
  • Should you get the flu shot or vaccines? Be prepared to be asked these questions. I will tell you what resources I used to make that personal decision.
  • What is the workout I wish I had done?
  • I give you all the details on my gender reveal party and my dream baby shower!
  • What items will you need for yourself and your baby? Plus, I give you a list of baby registry items. I researched the very best brands and used organic when available. I use all of the items on my list and love them!
  • I’m blotchy and broken out—where’s the glow? Don’t worry, this master esthetician of over 13 years gives you all the tips to get your skin looking healthy! I talk about cleansers, acids, home derma rolling, topical skin supplements, serums, and more, plus all the products that you DO not want to put on your face. From acne breakouts to how to plump up those wrinkles, I tell you how.
  • How to prepare in advance all the items you need to get done for work and your house
  • How to organize and prepare your baby’s nursery
  • Nursing and Feeding tips and preparations: what you will need. I give you the best formula in case you are unable to breastfeed or choose not to.
  • What is happening to my body? I go over solutions to carpal tunnel, restless legs, inflammation and swelling, yeast infections, cold sores, migraines, and headaches.
  • How do you get your baby in position naturally?
  • I provide a Hospital Check List for what you should pack for yourself, your baby, and your spouse/partner.

This pregnancy book is filled with so much must-have information that worked for me, practical advice, truthful insights, what I experienced, easy-to-use tips, and lots of reassurance—you got this! You will definitely use this book as a trusted resource. I carefully researched every detail to create the most organic, healthiest environment and body for myself and my baby. As I was pregnant and while Ellison was a newborn, I wrote down every single detail that I learned. I am so happy to share this book with you, as I know you are going to consider it a trusted resource. I am wishing you a very happy, healthy journey.

Enjoy! ~ Lindsey


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