What is the Best Neck Tightening Cream – Master Esthetician+ former Spa Owner, Lindsey Holder

What is the Best Neck Tightening Cream? Well, I have several in my bag of Esthetician secrets and today I am sharing a powerful one with you.

The best neck tightening cream is going to be a silicone patch. What they do is pull moisture from the deep layers of your skin and move them to the surface of your skin to deeply hydrate the area. This is so wonderful to use when you have a special event or meeting to go to – BE sure to begin a few days before you want to look your best. Personally, I am on a maintenance schedule, so I use them twice a week. In the beginning I used them every night for my neck and forehead areas. Here is a little how to Use Patches on my neck tip instructed by me, a Master Esthetician and former spa owner of over 13 years.

Come listen to me and my sis every Tuesday on our Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast episode! We share skincare products, skincare tips, skincare questions and answers and skincare trends. Episode 92 we really go into Neck Care treatments – you are going to enjoy that Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast episode!

For the complete steps of a neck care treatment – These are the things both myself and my sister, Ashley, and co-host of Spa Skin and Beauty podcast do for our neck. This is what I would tell one of my spa clients to do if they really wanted to change the appearance of their neck with incredible results. 

*Start with a skin supplement like One skin. They have a topical skin treatment that reaches your skin on a molecular level. You can use this as a moisturizer as well. I apply this first thing after cleansing!
*Use a droplette device to microinfuse ingredients. By micro infusion, it penetrates your skin deeper, by 20%
over normal skincare! It also has connected skincare technology for your
skincare session tracking.

*Exfoliate: For cleanser versions, use a gentle enzyme
*For stronger ones, use a retinol
(You could also use your Retinol from the droplette device and bring down to  your neck)
*Use an LED light on the neck! Current body has the one I use for my face
and I also use their very simple and easy neck attachment.
Everyone should be doing LED-it really is that amazing to help with collagen, elasticity and get deep to the mitochondria.
On the nights you do a retinol, skip the LED as LED’s are light sensitive.
*Home microneedle roll ! I like the LARGER tip from beauty bio that lets you microneedle with ease. Also use on the chest.
*Use silicone patches. I do have a full podcast on how to use: LINK to the SIO podcast

* Tighten and Firming Neck Cream I use – code LINASH for 20% savings (and yes, I use my own codes too!)

*Hydrate your neck area regularly
*Use a sunscreen in your everyday
skincare routine as well. I love a great sunscreen serum to use. Put these on your face too – the color and the glow
is seriously gorgeous! The company is from Australia – both Ashley and I love them!

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Beauty Smiles from the skincare sisters – Lindsey and Ashley