skin secrets videos

Why I started skin secrets videos:

When I get clients that come to the spa, they want to know all the skin secrets. They have questions about so many topics and it’s hard to fit it in while they are also trying to relax and have me treat their skin at the same time. 

So, I thought, why not make ongoing skin secrets videos that everyone can watch?

I want to have skin secrets videos that are up to date with the latest technology, skincare and beauty.

Educate women on how to treat their skin at home on a daily basis?

Examples of my skin secrets videos include: 

*One skin


*How to shave your face

*Depuff your eyes with these tips

*How to use your LED mask at home. I give you TIPS on this as well

*Four ways on how to use an ultrasonic skin scrubber

*Micellar wash basics 101: How and when to use

*Hydrate your skin during cooler weather with these 5 tips

*5 ways to use Thermal Spring water in your skincare routine

*Multiple skin routines for you to choose from.

*Microneedle and LED protocol. I will show you exactly how I do this from start to finish.

*Retinol and skin scrubber routine

*Spicy mask and skin scrubber ( I do LOVE my skin scrubber!)

*Sheet mask, skin scrubber & facial oil

All of these and more are in my lapree beauty anti-aging skincare community. You will also find the following:

*We have discount product codes on products we use and recommend saving you money.

*Meditation moments and skin school inside the community

*Join our community at

* We LOVE hearing from our community members on what THEY want to learn about! So let us know! Send us a message inside the community to reach us. 

*Our Skincare secrets videos offer both a library of skincare videos as well as one new video a week!

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