1.  Coop beauty pillow: This is my favorite pillow ever and lets me tell you I have been searching for the perfect pillow for years. Let me explain why I love it so much. It is both a Memory foam and microfiber fill pillow. This is important because you get to control the type of pillow you want such as firm, fluffy, and thickness through the level of fill you put in. Every week, I place mine in the dryer for 10 minutes to fluff it back up. I have had this pillow for about a year and a half, and it is still wonderful. I also love this pillow because I deal with a lot of migraines, and this helps to keep my neck in a stable position. 

Bonus – It also comes with extra fill when you need it. 

  1. Pique tea: Beauty Elixir: They state their company’s mission is to create doctor-approved, science-based solutions for your head-to-toe health transformation. They use a cold extraction technology to collect the ingredients used in their teas. Their products have no toxins, preservatives or pesticides as well as triple toxin screening.  I recently tried Organic Mint Green Tea. The taste was light and refreshing. Not only did I enjoy the minty green tea taste, but I love how you don’t need to brew it; you just mix it in your water and go. So convenient! Made with simple ingredients, no artificial flavors.
  1. Simple Human Touch Sensor Soap dispenser: I have these soap dispensers at every sink in my house and at my spa. They are awesome and you charge them with a USB charger, so don’t have to worry about batteries. They come in beautiful metallic colors to choose from or a clean white, depending upon your style. I especially appreciate you not having to touch a pump with your hands, so that is why it is touch-free. I especially find this useful when I am washing dishes, fruits or vegetables, etc. in the sink.
  1. Also, from this company, there is another item on my Christmas list: I am wanting to buy their new cell phone sanitizer. So excited about this one! It cleans your phone in 30 seconds or less: You just place the phone inside this sleek thin chamber, and it is automatically lowered and raised again when it’s sanitized. It’s on the pricey side of $200, so I’m hoping this product is on sale for Christmas. I love all their products, and did I mention I have their trashcans also!

6) TruSense Air Purifier:

I have 3 of these air purifiers. Yes, I said 3! I want clean air, especially nowadays. They have a HEPA filtration system which captures and destroys pollutants such as allergens and airborne viruses. I love that it has Ultraviolet lights that kill germs and bacteria trapped in the filter. The filter light comes on when you need to replace it and it’s very easy to replace. 

7) Electronic USB rechargeable Lighter Candle:

This is such a great gift to pair with a candle! I was so sick of buying lighters and also didn’t love the look of them. I felt they looked like I was going to light a hot dog on a grill! These are elegant, slim, chic and the color options are fantastic. I have them all, depending on what room they are in: champagne gold, rose gold, or black and white. 

If you REALLY want to get fancy, get a complete set with a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper (lets you dig out the wick). A trimmed wick is useful to help the candle burn more evenly. It also helps control the soot, resulting in a prolonged life of the candle. Who wants black smoke with their flaming candle?

8)You can also pair this with a candle. Not just any candle though. I’m obsessed with the Benjamin Soap Company!  It took me a very very long time to find a candle that is filled only with essential oils without any synthetic oil. They smell delicious too! I reached out to the company to see how they created the scents and they said they only steam distilled essential oils and plant based carrier oils in all of their products. Not only is this impressive but their price point is affordable. You might want to stock up on a few extras to have on hand for unexpected gift giving guests!

Happy Holidays,

Lindsey & Ashley (The Sisters!)

P.S. Do you know which one to put on first? Your moisturizer or your facial oil?

I’m asking because I have an overflow of clients that need my help with their skin. All have so many questions like these and this is the reason why I created this program.