Valentine’s Day skincare is all about loving yourself. Whether you have a date, a girls get together, spending time with your family or are just soaking up your alone time, these valentine’s day skincare and health care items are definitely going to make your day even more special.

So if you are new, my name is Lindsey and I am our leading esthetician on our Spa Skin and Beauty podcasts which air every Tuesday. I host this alongside my sister and skincare researcher, Ashley Renken. We also own lapree beauty which is a company designated to helping you get the best skin of your life through at home skincare methods. With over a decade of experience not only owning my own spa but also working on clients, I teach you how. So that’s a little about myself and Ashley so let’s begin getting you Valentine’s Day ready with these extra special finds.

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Here are my Valentine’s day Skincare Favorites that I can’t wait to use!

The – this is our favorite device that we are both using! Depending on what areas you are wanting to treat, you have different capsules to choose from. This device addresses all types of skin conditions from wrinkles to plumpness! We have a special code for you to save some money – use code LAPREEBEAUTY20 to save 20% off this device! Enjoy!

This Cryo recovery face mask

This warming up best foot forward softening foot and heel mask

This self-warming hand & cuticle mask that comes with FOILS!!! I especially enjoyed it because it has just elevated your at-home skincare treatment where you seriously feel like you are having an at-home luxury spa experience!

These step in shoes: Step in, seriously you just have to step into them. I can’t bend over right now because I am very pregnant and these are amazing. Just slip them on. I also like their socks too! These would be so fantastic if you are having back or join pain and bending over is tough for you.

These perfect ankle socks – no seams, breathable, and has a great cushion. If you have feet issues, then these will be your go to socks that you keep reaching for. These are the best no shoe socks I have found! Again, I love them!

Hair Fiber Kit – If you struggle with thinning hair, then you will like this kit. I also like how it includes all 3 products to give you that fuller, thicker looking hair.

Electronic guasha – I mean, Wow!

This Skin fridge – so fantastic to keep your precious serums and moisturizers and rollers cool! Just don’t put your oil-based products in there because it will congeal and get solid. I love how it is see through!!!

Hey everyone – now it’s my turn to share my Valentine’s Day health care and skin care loves! Yay! I am so excited as these are items that I am using every single day and wanted to share them with you too! Ashley 😉

Water jug – I wanted a half gallon one because that is the amount of water most of us are supposed to drink a day. I wanted one that was not plastic. I like this one because it comes in a pretty mauve or gray color option, and I like the drink spout and if you don’t want to use the straw you don’t have to. It has a handle so you can easily carry it to your workout.

Leggings – there is a reason these are called buttery soft! Once you wear these leggings you will never go back. The brand is lululemon and yes they are worth the hype. They have different styles but my absolute favorite are the align. They have them in high rise crop and super high rise crop. I enjoy the crop length for spring/summer or winter if you are hot natured. My other favorites are then in a longer version for winter which are these in high rise long and super high rise long. I have all of these, and I seriously love them. They also have different colors, so choose your favorite.

This Yoga and Pilates Mat – if you have joint issues – like knees, wrists or backs and need a supportive mat then this is your mat. I have asked the owner of the yoga studio who has practiced over 30 years and teaches classes. The thickness is incredible! This doesn’t slip so you don’t need a cloth mat on top. I have begun practicing hot yoga and hot Pilates and it is a game changer for my back! I encourage you to try a new form of exercise or just begin by walking out your front door. For your skin to look glowing you need circulation and besides that I also want you to be healthy. By moving your body and exercising it also releases endorphins. When you move, you lift your mood. So as the mean elf on that Santa movie starring Ralphie called A Christmas story the 1983 version… “Get Moving Kid” Haha Haha

Water and Wellness – for your mineral supplementation and increased hydration. 

I like to begin my mornings with the ampoules that are called the Quinton Sea Plasma – the isotonic and hydrotonic- if you choose just one then I suggest choosing the isotonic because it is lighter… you may or may not know that we are all lacking magnesium because it’s depleted in our soil… this ampoule replenishes them plus all your trace minerals and great for a post workout because of electrolytes. I am not drinking one of those sports drinks with fake colored water! 

Active H2 Molecular H2 – these are Hydration tablets –  I place a tablet in a small glass of room temperature water and let it dissolve then drink it immediately to get all the benefits. You don’t want it sitting around. 

I do these before working out and also if I am sick! So good for your skin and health of your body! Try it and let me know how you like it or if you have any questions! Happy to help!

My favorite Valentine’s Day skincare has to include a moisturizer and this is the one I am enjoying right now – Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream – The consistency is so fluffy, and light yet really hydrates my skin. Have you ever had a product that makes you just smile? This is mine right now, every time I dip my fingers in it and apply it to my face, I smile. I have to thank Mavis for introducing me to it! Don’t you love that name? I do!

That’s our Valentine’s Day skincare and health care list. If you heard something mentioned and it is not here in this post,then check the entire Episode 95: Valentine’s Day Shop Category here in our spa shop.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed creating this for you. NO matter how you are celebrating this day, give yourself a big hug and try to do at least one self-care regime for yourself today. For us sisters you better believe this will mean at least ten! Ha! Ha!

Love from the sisters!

Lindsey and Ashley

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