types of facial cleansers

Types of facial cleansers come in all shapes and sizes. From foams to gels, creams to lotions, there are plenty of options for every type of skin. Here we will discuss the different types of facial cleansers and how to use each one properly from this esthetician’s point of view!

As an esthetician, I have seen how important a cleanser is. It can soothe your face or strip it from your much needed oils and make your face tight and crinkly!

Gel Cleanser

I love a gel cleanser, especially as my second cleanse and when I have a lot of makeup on. I usually don’t use a gel cleanser if I don’t have a lot of makeup on though. If you prefer a gel cleanser, then you will need to apply it with a microfiber cloth or antibacterial sponge. I recently purchased these mini microfiber cleansing rounds and I love them because you put your fingers into the pocket in the back and they are so easy and FUN to use! They are really small so it’s very easy just to use a fresh pair (or I just use one) each time you cleanse. They come in a large pack as well. And the best part? No folding-just toss them into your towel drawer and you can grab them easily before cleansing. 

Take the time when you do your cleansing and use that as an opportunity to do a facial massage. That will also allow the time needed for the product to work. Give the product time to dissolve your makeup, sunscreen and extra impurities that day. 

Then rinse off the excess product with warm water. Too hot will strip your oils on your skin. If you really want to tighten up and firm your skin, at the end-use cold water.

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Cream Cleanser

A cream cleanser or balms are thicker than a gel cleanser. They contain oils and other ingredients that help moisturize your skin. They are made without suds, so they are very gentle on your skin. It’s nice as they have creamy and moisture-like consistencies which are very soothing to your skin. If your skin is really dry, you can get started with the balm cleanser, leave it on your skin for 20 minutes to let it double as a mask as it is so thick. Then rinse it off. You’re going to want to do a second cleanse after using a balm to get the residue off.  I go between a cream cleanser and a gel cleanser after using a balm. Rule of thumb: How dirty is your skin that day? Lots of makeup, sweat, sunscreen: Use a gel as the second cleanser

No makeup, dry skin, sensitive? Use a cream cleanser. *I will say I am loving the rose balm cleanser from Elemis-we talked about that in our Fall Favorites episode-which is episode 71 to go back and listen to on our Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast.

Micellar Water Cleanser

This last cleanser is one I use daily and originated from France! It is a cleanser that you can use without water. I definitely recommend taking this cleanser with you while traveling as you can use it on the go without water! It’s so great to take to the beach or pool too as a quick wipe off of sunscreen and sand and grit when leaving the outdoors! The only thing you need is a 4 by 4 or a facial pad to soak it up and wipe on your face. For me, it takes me a few pads to get all the residue off if using this at night. If using this in the morning, then one wipe will suffice as you don’t have any makeup or sunscreen to pull off.

Micellar water cleanser is fantastic to use on a regular basis as your first cleanser to remove makeup and sunscreen! It won’t strip your skin of its essential oils. It is able to do this thanks to tiny oil particles known as micelles. They attach to dirt and oil which allows you to wipe away all of those impurities. You will also notice how hydrated your skin is afterwards too!

After this very important first cleanser, I love to perform what’s known as a double cleansing. That means I wash my face again with another type of cleanser depending on what my skin needs. If it is dry, then I will use a cream cleanser. On the other hand, if it is oily, then I might use a gel cleanser.

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Lindsey and Ashley

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