Most people have no idea the power in one tablet of hydrogen molecular water!

So lately my water has been a little more on the bubbly side. I am talking about when I add molecular hydrogen into my water. 

I have been using the molecular tablets from the product Water and Wellness lately and I really like them. 

Taste: it tastes a bit like Alka seltzer, but on a much lower level. I usually have one or two a day. I will say it does leave a very prominent cloudy film on your glasses, so I’ve changed to dark glasses or lately my stainless-steel tumbler. Otherwise, it’s a mess on your nice glassware and looks like the dishwasher isn’t cleaning it. 

I’m an Esthetician and I am into skincare but also really into other healthy ways to treat to make your body work better at a cellular level. 

According to the company: “There are more than 400 research papers and additional human studies showing that Molecular Hydrogen can be a beneficial nutrient.”

What is it? In simple terms it’s a supplement that comes in a tablet form that you can add to your water. 

It is an element-actually the lightest of all the elements. Bringing me back to not listening in Chemistry class in the 9th grade. The science is this: Two atoms combine to form H2 (hence the 2) or Hydrogen gas. It makes this the smallest and most mobile molecule. So that means of course more cellular bioavailability (or the ability to reach areas other molecules can’t)

Benefits of Hydrogen Molecular Water: 

*Supports gene expression, cell signaling and cell metabolism

*Provides magnesium (see my notes on that below)

*This is cool: it converts the body’s free-radicals to water (So related to appearance, free radicals can cause loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, changes in hair texture, color (like gray hair) and hair loss. 

*Regulates the body’s antioxidant system (ie SOD and glutathione-glutathione is a substance produced by the liver and involved in many important processes like building and repairing tissues;helps your body protect itself against damage to cells caused by free radicals.

How to take It:

Drop 1-2 tablets into water. Rule of thumb: Use 10-12 oz for one tablet and 12-16 oz for two tablets. I usually just do 1 tablet at a time. 

*Use plain, uncarbonated water at room temperature. Because carbonated water would be too acidic. You don’t want to affect the rate of reaction. Also, I wouldn’t personally want to drink carbonated because this kind of already acts like that, so you feel full after drinking it.

*Drink immediately after the tablet is dissolved. So don’t let it just set around or the hydrogen concentration will diminish.

Note: You are getting 80mg of magnesium also with each tablet. So keep that in mind if also taking other magnesium supplements. So if your stool is a little loosy goosy, that could be a contributing factor to your getting too much. 

I have the Active H2 ULTRA, so it is a blend of magnesium and a compound.

Stay tuned for our NEXT podcast that compliments this one talking about Isotonic and Hypertonic ampoule supplements to add to your Molecular Hydrogen water for the ultimate mineral morning mocktail.

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For more info. On these supplements, head to water and wellness.

Until Next time!

Your anti-aging skincare sisters!

Lindsey & Ashley

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine” ~ Slovakian Proverb