The benefits of vitamin c for your skin is the ultimate brightening, anti-aging antioxidant is a must in your skincare routine!

vitamin C

Quick Cliff Notes on Vitamin C

It is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin against free radical damage, increases collagen production (Yes Please!), and helps to even out your skin tone! We just want to mention that because it is so powerful it can be irritating to those with sensitive skin. Therefore, you may need to use it every other day! If a 20% Vitamin C is too powerful, then use a 15% Vitamin C. Here are the Vitamin C products that we use and recommend found in our skincare shop.

An *important tip* make sure to not use it with other acids to avoid irritation and definitely not with benzoyl peroxide (for those who suffer from acne) as it will oxidize it, simply meaning it will make the Vitamin C not work.

What is Vitamin C

We can’t produce Vitamin C from our body, so it is a very important vitamin that we get this from our skincare products (and of course food). But why is it so important? Well, Vitamin C repairs and grows our skin tissues. Vitamin C also works to prevent the production of melanin and help brighten up those dark spots we detest! You will find Vitamin C in lots of different skincare products including moisturizers, serums, and toners. We love Vitamin C serums because the molecules are smaller and lighter weight which allows it to penetrate the skin at a deeper level!

You want your Vitamin C product also known as ascorbic acid to include Ferulic Acid and Tocopherol or Niacinamide because these not only help to keep the product stable but also makes it work even better! Another option is, if your Vitamin C also includes Argireline, it will help to relax the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles! Why is stability such an issue? Well, they lose their antioxidant effectiveness when exposed to heat, light, and air. Therefore, your Vitamin C should come in bottle that is not see through and you want to store it in a cool place. Also! If your Vitamin C turns brown, then throw it away. That means that it has oxidized and is no longer effective!

Benefits of Vitamin C for Your Skin

Get ready to slather on this elixir in the morning as we explain the many benefits of Vitamin C for your skin!

Dark Spots – It lightens the dark spots, brown discoloration, and hyperpigmentation

Collagen – It promotes collagen production, which you definitely want as you get older. As we age, we lose collagen which gives us that bouncy, plump look!

Protects the Skin – This is a HUGE DEAL! Our skin is bombarded everyday with air pollution, UV rays, etc and these cause free radicals in our skin. So, what, you might say? Well, it is a big deal because these pollutants can damage our skin cells, create wrinkles and leave our skin looking dull.

How to Use Vitamin C: for the Benefits of Vitamin C for your Skin

We like to use vitamin C in the morning to help protect your skin from the free radicals your skin is being exposed to during the day.

Begin by cleansing your face. We love using this cream cleanser if your face is dry and this Gel cleanser if your face is oily or you have acne. Next, apply one of these Vitamin C products to your face. We love all these quality ones listed, so choose the one that best fits your skin and budget. Because Vitamin C is hard to absorb and is unstable, you really need a quality Vitamin C product in order for it to work. Otherwise, you are wasting your money. You need to be consistent to see the results, so depending on how sensitive your skin is, use it daily or alternate days. If using a retinol, then use your retinol at night. As a reminder, make sure to not use it with other acids to avoid irritation and definitely not with benzoyl peroxide (for those who suffer from acne) as it will oxidize it, simply meaning it will make the Vitamin C not work.

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Now you can see why Vitamin C is legendary. It brightens, it protects, it promotes collagen production, improves texture and wrinkles!

All my best from your trusted esthetician!


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