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5 Nutrition & Fitness tips

Meeting a trainer one day a week has made a HUGE difference in getting nutritional info. as well as surviving  killer workouts using muscles I wouldn’t have otherwise. Here is a mix of  Exercise & Nutrition tips I’ve learned recently &  passing it right along to ya: 1} Mix It UP: No fancy treadmill is needed. […]

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Glowy Summer Skin

As a S P A owner, Esthetician & blogger, you can I M A G I N E how many products I trifle through. The number one question I get is how do I get that fresh g.l.o.w.y.  look with my make-up?  I take care of my skin, like REALLY take care of it… In […]

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July 4th Healthy Fruit Snacks & Sips

This Independence Day will be filled with fireworks, sunshine & most likely a long table of calorie loaded temptations. Keep yourself in bikini shape by opting for more low cal  & S I M P L E options  with these fruit inspired yummies instead: 1} Angel Food Cake with Strawberries &  Blueberries {My staple during the […]

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Why running is key to Jim Donovan, Managing Partner at Goldman Sachs

Think YOUR busy? After hearing Jim’s daily role & hectic schedule, it is essential Jim have an outlet to relieve his mounds of stress. Jim Donovan is responsible for advising many of the largest corporate and individual clients of Goldman Sachs (only the 5th largest US bank p.s. ). In addition, he is adjunct professor at […]

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