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Year End Organization: De-Clutter Your Life

Lately I have been overwhelmed with the amount of  clothes, decor, knick ~ knacks, you name it I have collected over the years. Finding VHS tapes & a VCR in my entertainment cabinet sent me over the edge. Clutter can happen in your Closets, Your Finances and EVEN your relationships. An Amazing Book that goes […]

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My Biggest Challenge Yet

I’m surprised even I’M giving myself THIS challenge! I’ve decided to go shopping-FREE for one MONTH!  Whew-even typing those words gives my heart palpitations. Why? I’m a HUGE shopaholic! Their isn’t a week that goes by that I’m not in a store or on-line somewhere. Most people wrap their emotions in some sort of substance […]

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Closet Organizing

OMG, the closets. They are the hardest to organize. Luckily, your learning from a shopaholic how to organize her hoards of clothes, shoes & jewelry! Starting with the BLING! I have tried many ways to organize jewelry. I’ve come to the conclusion their are 2 types that are the best. The first is the HANGING […]

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