Body care tips for the summer are what Lindsey and Ashley are sharing. They talk about rough heels, how to solve odor issues, glycolic sprays, chicken skin, back acne, shoulder acne, showers, how to get glowing skin, airbrush tanning tips and at home tanning, red light therapy and what not to use with led lights, food ideas, and more to help achieve the best body care tricks and tips from this esthetician and former spa owner of over 13 years.

Body Care Products

Products we use and mention in this Summer Body Care with Esthetician Tips episode:

Ageless Anti-Gray Kit includes shampoo + conditioner and hair serumDiscount code is lapreebeauty for 20% off! 

Scalp Massager we have this one 

OneSkin Face – Holder15 discount

OneSkin Eye – Holder15 discount

OneSkin Body Lotion – Holder15 discount, – great for summer since showing more skin. Both Ash and I use the OneSkin products in the morning and at night.  It REVERSES aging at the molecular level, so you can look a decade younger, according to the OneSkin scientists.

Droplette Device – discount LAPREEBEAUTY20

Its medical grade technology breaks down large molecules, getting ingredients where topical application can’t.  Droplette infuses skincare actives 20 times more effectively. Droplette is a skin repair technology created by MIT scientists, funded by NASA, and medically validated by Walter Reed Medical Center. We are currently using the retinol and collagen hydrofiller capsules.

Lyma Laser At Home Cold Laser

KP bump eraser for legs and arms

Favorite sunscreens that don’t use a spray! 

Manucurist at home

Toning Solution

Anti-odorant pads

Acne Foaming Wash

Heel Care – Moisturizing

All of our favorite products in One Area found here! Yay! 

Tinted moisturizer we are loving for the summer! 

My favorite satin pillowcase

Our favorite minerals – We drink these for magnesium, trace minerals, and electrolytes! 

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With over 13 years of experience being both a licensed esthetician and owning her own spa with her skin obsessed sister and researcher Ashley working right beside her! Let’s listen to these sisters’ thoughts, facts, opinions, and advice on skincare and ways to optimize your health!

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