Which Matcha to drink? Why would I drink Matcha? Or are you just looking for a healthy afternoon pick me up every day?

In this podcast, Lindsey and Ashley are excited to share all about matcha! Heard so much about teas but really don’t understand them and with this podcast, we are going to learn more!

Matcha green tea is a passion of Ashley. It is her non-negotiable drink and drinks it every day! She began this magic elixir and added it to her everyday lifestyle. One part of it is green tea but not just any kind of green tea, the King of Green tea, Matcha. She will tell us about her journey and how matcha tea helps in her recovery.

Learn more about matcha green tea with Lindsey and Ashley! Enjoy the show!

She shares…..

  • What is Matcha Green tea?
  • Benefits of Matcha Green tea
  • Why is it one of the best green tea to drink

And many more.

Check out these Highlights:

  • Introduction of Matcha
  • why Matcha is so fantastic and what makes it king in your opinion?
  • What Matcha produces in your body
  • How to store Matcha green tea
  • What kind of Matcha should we buy?
  • How to prepare your own Matcha

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Sending you Lot of Giggles today!

Lindsey & Ashley