Welcome to the best of the best 2020!

In this podcast, Lindsey goes over the best episodes that they did this year. What a year, what a challenging year for many, but also a year of growth for a lot of people as well. For Lindsey, it’s been interesting to learn about platforms this year that she hasn’t used in the past that have helped grow her business. She also focused in different ways that she hadn’t really focused on in the past so there is some good that has come out of this year. 

This is a moment to reflect on and just listen to the past episodes that she’s really excited about. This podcast will go over the best and the best in different sections, one is going to be a focus on the small business side and the other one is going to be focused on the beauty side. So let’s get started!

She shares…..

  • About the opportunity to talk to a lot of big brands
  • Favorite Podcast Episodes
  • Reflections from the Year

And many more.

Check out these Highlights:

Links mentioned in this episode:

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