In this podcast, I share my nighttime routine with you guys. I talk about the things that I use to have a good night’s rest.  Sleep is incredibly important for beautiful, glowing skin.

Let’s face it. We are all busy! So busy that we tend to have a hard time falling asleep. This is where a nighttime routine will help. If we want our skin to look its best, we need to make going to sleep cozy, fun, and an act of self-love and self-care. It has taken me years to develop these simple, yet effective changes to help me relax, settle down and begin the process of going to Never Never Land.

I want you to choose at least one or two of these suggestions for your nighttime routine. Try them out and see if this will help you to relax and catch some much-needed sleep. I created this video and podcast to go over what those are and hopefully it’ll help you too.

I share…

  • Products I use **** (I have updated some products since filming this tutorial/video and have included them below)*****
  • Where to get those products
  • Tips and tricks for your nighttime routine

And many more.

Check out these Nighttime Routine Highlights:

  • [00:38] Shares about her hairstyle
  • [01:05] Pajama – PJ Harlow Lola Pants
  • [02:30] Warm to Hot Shower Mist
  • [03:45]  Conditioning Facial Oil
  • [04:15] After Shower
  • [05:46] Pillows – COOP premium adjustable loft pillow
  • [07:43] Essential Oils on the wrist
  • [08:08] Hydrate Lips with lip conditioner
  • [08:36]  Grapefruit sage soy candle in a gold tin
  • [09:14] Receptra Naturals CBD and sleeping capsules 
  • [10:15] For anyone who has restless legs – Magnesium spray, pills, and compression socks – wear compression socks during the day.

*note – some I have updated since as the product no longer exists or I found another one that I enjoy!*

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