Small Business Tik Tok

Let’s talk small business tik tok! Between all the social media platforms, it can be a struggle to really know where to put your focus. Even though Tik Tok has been here for a minute, it seems (at least in my area) it is now just taking off and those frustrated with the challenges of growing on Instagram are now interested in what Tik Tok can offer them. Including myself.

I am fortunate to have a Tik Tok Expert living right in my hometown and we met actually through Instagram over a year ago. My Tik Tok expert friend is an impressive lady -so impressive that she has so much interest from other brands that we keeping her name a bit of a secret. That kind of makes it even more interesting,  huh? 

So I know you all are going to LOVE this episode learning about Tik Tok and getting some great insight to help your business.

If you want to know more about Tik Tok, find out if your business should start using this platform, ways to optimize your post, and engagement then the episode is for you. Please welcome my talented guest, friend, and small business owner herself, who is going to share all of her Tik Tok expertise just for you!

Show Highlights:

  • Is Reels taking over for Tik Tok?
  • Would small businesses benefit from being on this platform? How so?
  • What are some ways a local brand can drive business to their channel?
  • Tik Tok tips for success
  • Favorite TikTok accounts
  • How can small businesses manage this new platform that is not overwhelming?
  • What is the average number of times you need to post to drive traffic on your channel?

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