If you want dreamy, long lashes and brows, this Revitalash episode is for you! 

Revitalash has been a part of my spa life…and lashes for years now and I am so excited to have this platform to be able to educate you all on how you can too!

Today I talk with Heather Voltner of Revitalash and we are diving into the details of how eyelash growth serums work, how long it will take to get you long, lustrous lashes and a few other beauty tips and tricks along the way!

Revitalash is non-irritating, hypo-allergenic and this brand has also stepped into the world of hair care for thinning and damaged hair-and we will give you all the details on that in the show! Also, this brand is a mega supporter of breast cancer awareness and research, is family owned and ran, and has the BEST heartwarming story on how it got started. 

Show Highlights:

  • How did Revitalash get started?
  • How has the company pivoted with Covid and being in quarantine?
  • What makes Revitalash different from other brands?
  • When can a client start to see results?
  • Why do you have to keep applying the serum? How often do you have to keep applying it at first and then how often to maintain?
  • What other products are complementary with the Eyelash growth serum?  
  • Favorite Revitalash beauty tips and tricks?

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