Norvell Airbrush Tan

Do you want the SECRETS to that beautiful, coveted airbrush glo?  I am spilling all my secrets with Norvell Airbrush Tan, and so is Norvell-one of the top leading airbrush manufacturers in the world. 

Personally, I have airbrushed for over ten years, so I have sprayed thousands and thousands and thousands. 

Listen to episode one on how I got my start into the world of airbrushing. Any airbrush situation you can think of, I have been in and figured it out. Having airbrushed our regular clients, to entertainers, top models and pageant winners- it is my job to perfect that Bronzy glo. 

Airbrushing is a true science, it is a chemical reaction with your skin. Understanding the science behind it, as well as what works best on different skin tones is essential. 

In this episode, we go behind the scenes with the maker of Norvell, the solution I have used to build my airbrush business-one of the services we offer in my day spa. The world of airbrushing is a multi billion dollar a year business, and a great add on for a day spa. 

Let’s learn  in this episode how to get the BEST airbrush glo; how to get out of any tricky situation,  the science behind your airbrush, what you need to do to properly prep your skin for your  airbrush spray tan and how to make your tan last the longest. So let’s get started and learn the secrets behind that glo with Brandon Cardinal of  Norvell Sunless Inc.

Show Highlights:

  • Let’s talk about DHA. What exactly is and how does it make you tan?
  • Why is PH balance important? What should it be and how does a client get optimal PH before they get a spray tan?
  • Why can’t you sweat after a tan?
  • Why do the tans only last 4-7 days?
  • How should we be taking care of our skin at home for those who cannot get to a spa? 
  • How come some people’s tans come off easily and others stay on longer?
  • Why is my airbrush darker than my self tanner lotion?
  • Will an airbrush protect me from the sun?
  • What are some reasons you see an airbrush spray tan gone wrong?
  • How should you properly prepare for a tan?
  • How should you extend your tan?
  • Your tan turned patchy and splotchy. What happened?


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