Welcome to episode 3 of the Spa Skin & Beauty Podcast, with your hosts, Lindsey and Ashley! This is where you will gain tips on anti-aging from the inside out and from the outside in! Tune in today, to find out more!

Are you struggling with unattractive brown marks on your face? If so, you’re not alone because this is quite a common problem. Ashley has a patch of brown spots on her forehead and she remembers seeing similar marks on her mom’s and her grandparents’ faces when she was little. Back then, they used to call them ‘liver spots’, although the professional term is actually hyperpigmentation. 

Everyone would love to have an even, bright, and luminous skin tone, so in today’s mini-episode, Lindsey and Ashley will be teaching you how to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation, both with lasers and without. Be sure to listen in, to find out what you will need to do.

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Show Highlights:

  • Most people want to have a bright, luminous, even skin tone.
  • Hyper-pigmentation keeps you from having an even skin tone, and it can make you look a lot older than you are.
  • Lindsey noticed that some of the pigmentation marks around her bikini-line became a little darker after she had laser hair removal done.
  • Lindsey explains what she used, instead of laser-treatment, to effectively remove the dark pigmentation marks from around her bikini-line.
  • Hydrocodone is a controversial topical ointment, and it has side effects, so you need to be aware of that if you decide to use it.
  • Lindsey explains what causes hyperpigmentation.
  • Some of the common ways that hyperpigmentation can occur.
  • Hyperpigmentation is harmless.
  • Facial peels remove the layers of skin with hyperpigmentation.
  • Hyperpigmentation tends to creep back in once it has been removed, so it will need to be managed for the rest of your life.
  • Some ways to keep hyperpigmentation from worsening.
  • The cooler months are the perfect time to treat and reduce hyperpigmentation.
  • The treatment is a combination of self-care and professional treatments.
  • Doing things the right way makes a huge difference.
  • Some ingredients that can lighten your skin.
  • Some precautions that you will need to take when using ‘miracle creams’.
  • Lindsey discusses some of the skin-lightening creams that are currently available.
  • Ashley talks about laser treatments. They are effective but they are also quite costly.
  • Some self-care treatments that you can do at home. 

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