Today’s Spa Skin and Beauty episode features Peptides! This is also our skin ingredient of the week inside lapree beauty, our anti-aging skin care community.

To give you a quick peek into what are peptides and what are the benefits? We have listed some of the information here.

  • A peptide is a molecule that contains two or more amino acids. They are the amino acids that make up certain proteins needed by the skin. 
  • Unlike Collagen molecules, peptides can absorb into your skin. This helps push your body to make more collagen.
  • How does it relate to collagen? Collagen is made of three polypeptide chains. That means by adding peptides, it can stimulate your skin to make collagen. I think of peptides as collagen super boosters! And as well all know collagen is what gives us that youthful full, firm, plump, bouncy skin. 
  • *Peptides help build a stronger skin barrier. Our barrier can be damaged by a variety of factors like pollution, over exfoliation, UV rays, smoking, and other toxins.
    *Peptides help build elastin fibers. Elastin fibers are a type of protein which help skin look more firm and tighter.
    *Reducing wrinkles. When your skin is plumper and more bouncy-you have less wrinkles and therefore you have less wrinkles!

For the complete article on peptides, you may find it inside our lapree beauty, anti-aging skincare community.

Peptides I am loving

One Skin: We have just started using this skincare after hearing about Dr. David Sinclair talking about it and how impressed he was. When he was impressed, he had our attention, so I researched the brand. We’ve been using it for about a month now and I’m happy with the result. 

It was developed by several women scientists. We are talking about scientists with degrees in stem cell biology (one has a PhD in skin regeneration and tissue engineering)-that’s what I’m talking about! Another with a PHD in immunology, focusing on aging biology; another in biochemistry and in molecular biology. 

WOW! Is all I have to say. 

I have the One Skin topical supplement-which extends skin health on a molecular level to address aging from within. This is the first skin longevity supplement of its kind. I have the face topical one and am also going to order the body one. 

It’s addressing the root causes of aging. The company says that your skin doesn’t just look younger, it actually functions like younger skin. Another Wow moment. 

I love this one so much I asked One skin for a discount for you all. And We have it. You can either do a one-time purchase or a subscription. I first ordered it one time but now I’m going to change to the subscription.  As with all studies, it really shows the best results I think after using 5-6 months consistently. It’s cool to go on their website and see the before and after pictures. We have this in our Discount Product codes section for the discount and link to the One Skin.  join our anti-aging community for access to our EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE!

Benefits of One Skin Peptides: 

Improves skin texture, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles

Improves skin smoothness, the skin barrier, improves skin evenness, brightness, pores and firmness

Increases skin hydration-that means reduces water loss and supports production of hyaluronic acid. Use hyaluronic acid only when skin is DAMP; otherwise, it will pull moisture away from skin.

Also, the One Skin packaging is pretty cool. You get the main bottle, but then you can just get a refill so it’s environmentally friendly. 

Beauty Smiles,

Lindsey and Ashley

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