Hi there, I’m Lindsey Holder,
your small business and skin care expert!

I’m an expert at growing a small business and helping others to succeed with their own business dreams. A current spa owner and Esthetician, my passion is advising others on small business initiatives and skincare.

As a former celebrity assistant, I gained my experience on how to manage it all. Now as a successful spa owner, I am here to share with you how I do it all and help YOU achieve success in your business dreams.

So this is me: a southern business owner, podcaster, skincare specialist, and educator at your service. I’m ecstatic to share my small business owner secrets for success and broadcast when I come across a skincare product or technique that makes my skin glow!

Let’s Talk Coaching!

Lindsey is bringing her experience as a successful business owner of two brands, SPA owner,  author, Podcast Host well-known and highly respected former Celebrity PA and Fortune 500 Executive PA to others! 

On The Blog

Outdoor Office Oasis

Outdoor Office Oasis

  -My office looks a lot different these days. From taking zoom calls, google hangout meetings and everything virtual possible, it can be overwhelming at times. I absolutely love my inside home office I redid this past year, but  now that the weather is getting...

Work Day Home Essentials

Work Day Home Essentials

Let's talk about EFFICIENCY! Your day is busy, busy, busy so the last thing you need are products that are not tested out, slow and hard to work.  The easy, the better, right ? Push a button and the product has done what it's supposed to.      I went through...

My Office Makeover! Sponsored by Wayfair

My Office Makeover! Sponsored by Wayfair

It's been a long time coming and I am so excited to reveal my new office! We moved into our house a couple of years ago and I knew the first room I wanted to have re-designed was my office.  Mainly running my spa and brand Lindsey Holder from home, I wanted a space...