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The Spa Sisters Paleovalley Review!

Ashley and I want to give you our Paleovalley review of several products we tried. We have tried the Superfood Golden Milk, The Organic Supergreens New flavors of Strawberry Lemonade and Tropical.

We will begin with the golden milk which we were extremely excited to try. Why? It is highly anti-inflammatory and supports your immune system. Us sisters are always looking for these 2 things as they seem to be the root cause to so many illnesses and diseases. The other reason we were really excited to try the golden milk is because it sounded delicious. We poured a mug of hot water and mixed in one scoop of the Golden Milk and it was seriously so yummy! This is the perfect after supper drink for when you are still craving something but don’t want to indulge in a dessert. It is so cozy. Highly recommend this product.

The second product Ashley and I tried are the Organic Supergreens. We tried both the Strawberry Lemonade and the Tropical flavors. We like supergreens because it is hard to get in all of the healthy fruits and veggies we need each day. Don’t get us wrong, we still eath healthy and incorporate fruits and veggies, but to be honest – our variety could use improvement. That is why we like these supergreens. They are made with 23 super greens like spirulina, cauliflower, parsley, and a big antioxidant we had never heard of called acerola! We try to drink one scoop a day. Here is a recipe that my sis Ashley came up with and it is delicious!

Ashley’s Superfood Green Drink:

Fizzy water (example is Pelegrino), organic lemonade, one scoop of Strawberry Lemonade or Tropical Supergreens – both taste good with this drink. Mix well! Then fill with ice, one slice of lemon and a squeeze of lemon – make sure the lemons are organic. Also, Ash and I like to get a big batch of lemons then soak them in water and white vinegar with baking soda to remove the pesticides.

They are having a big black friday sale through Cyber Monday so this is a good time for you to grab some of their products to try (you’ve probably heard us talk about them on our Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast – Holiday edition).

Lastly, we are big into knowing the behind the scenes about brands and how they make their produccts. Paleovalley is a company that has been in existence for 10 years and is family-run. We like how they have refused to cut corners on any of their products, which is why they are known for having some of the healthiest snacks and supplements in the world. 

Another big reason why we continue to get their products is that they source all of their ingredients from organic whole foods. There are no sugars, fillers or questionable ingredients in anything they make.

Here is the Paleovalley deals:

For Black Friday they are having an incredible deal I wanted to share with you today! In fact, it’s the best deal they offer all year long where you can save up to 35% on any Paleovalley products + choose a free mystery gift valued over $25! 

From now until Wednesday, December 1st at midnight and every order comes with a free mystery gift!

Love from the Spa Sisters,

Lindsey and Ashley

P.S. – The team at Paleovalley is so confident in their products, they also offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee (no questions asked) on every single order.

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