The anticipation of my baby being here created so many emotions! Happiness, joy, gratitude—incredible gratitude—and, if I am being honest, a bit of fear. What better way to celebrate this incredible journey than by creating my dream baby shower? A baby shower is more than just a party; it’s the most important celebration of an upcoming miracle. It’s a time for friends and family to gather, share stories, eat delicious food, enjoy a space that is beautifully decorated, and create beautiful memories that will be remembered forever.

Baby Shower for the Couple or the Mom?

A baby shower is an event filled with laughter, happiness, and a touch of whimsy. It’s an opportunity for loved ones to offer their support and well wishes to you as you prepare to embark on the magical journey of parenthood. The event can be for both parents, but I wanted mine to be for ladies and children only.

Choosing the Perfect Theme

Themes add a unique and charming touch to any baby shower. Whether it’s a classic pastel color scheme, a whimsical animal theme, or a tribute to a favorite book or movie, selecting a theme helps tie the entire celebration together. Decorations, invitations, and even the cake can all be designed to match the chosen theme, creating a visually appealing and cohesive atmosphere. I chose a French tea party. My sister Ashley and I scouted out locations and found a gorgeous Venue that I had actually enjoyed a lady’s tea at before. My sister, Ashley, thought of it, and it was such a fantastic place to celebrate! It is in the hotel and you can ask for Mary! She was incredible to work with. She was so kind and thoughtful and helped with all the details. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Invitations that Spark Excitement

The invitation sets the tone for the baby shower and provides guests with a glimpse of what to expect. I chose pastel colors of blue and sage green sprinkled with gold. I had the flowers resemble a garden party, and the envelopes and seal were gold to add a touch of luxuriousness. I had them designed on Etsy! Such a fantastic place to find your dream baby shower invitations making sure to include essential details like the date, time, venue, and RSVP instructions is crucial for ensuring a smooth planning process.

Balloon Arch and Decorations

Decorations play a HUGE role in transforming the venue into a whimsical wonderland. I chose a balloon arch in my shower colors and a beautiful floral arrangement to give some softness to the room. I was lucky in that the venue was already exquisite and had so many decorations that even if I showed up empty handed, it still would have been a dream baby shower. As the guests walked in, I had the photographer take a photo of us under the balloon arch that my best friend designed. On the tables, I had a little paper teapot filled with pastel macaroons as the take home gift!

Games and Prizes

Games are a must for your baby shower. However, I am not a game person! Therefore, I chose to play one simple game and offer prizes for it. We played the don’t say “baby” game. This is where everyone chose a clothespin, which was in the colors of my baby shower. Every time someone said the word baby,” the other person would get to take your clothespin. The one with the most clothespins wins. My prizes were a tea set for a girl, $10 cash for a boy, and skincare products for adults.

Sweet and Savory Treats

A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without a delectable array of food and treats. Finger foods, cupcakes, and a beautifully designed cake can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Consider incorporating a dessert table adorned with adorable treats that match the theme, leaving both eyes and palates delighted. Since mine was an English tea party, I chose to have the traditional English Tea Service. This included a 4-tier tray filled with croissants, jams, and jellies, an array of sandwiches, fruit skewers, and scones. For the children, I had the tray filled with chicken fingers, tater tots, French fries, fruit skewers, and scones. For dessert, I had an organic cake made by a local baker with a beautiful topper. The topper is a keepsake that is in my baby’s nursery!

Gifts I Wanted

Gift-giving is a cherished tradition during baby showers. Guests typically bring gifts that are both practical and thoughtful, ranging from diapers and baby clothes to books and nursery essentials. However, I would still suggest creating a baby registry to guide guests toward items that you truly need and want. I personally used Babylist. It was a great way for guests to purchase gifts from multiple stores! Here is a list of all the items I both bought and put on my baby registry.

Capturing Precious Moments

I am so thankful I hired a photographer! My photographer captured moments that no one else would have gotten. From my niece touching my belly and looking up at me to my mother and I having a joyful, tearful moment. This is one tip that I highly recommend and is worth the extra expense.

Wishing you a Beautiful Baby Shower

I hope this article and these photos inspire you to have your dream baby shower. Being pregnant is no walk in the park, and you deserve to have your dream celebration! I had fun dreaming about the little touches and adding special details. I wish you a beautiful, loving, and special baby shower and a wonderful pregnancy journey!

All my best,