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Welcome to the show: today I am personally answering one of our member questions-This is a SOLO episode as Ashley is on vacay with her family this week. I sure hope she is enjoying herself in that sunshine and beach weather. I have checked her pictures and she and the kids are covered head pretty well-I spy those rash guards, neck bandanas and sunscreen. In fact, we will be doing a sunscreen episode coming up soon on our favorite sunscreens so be sure to listen out for that episode. 

I receive our member questions inside our lapree beauty skincare community. You can join at You are able to Direct message both myself and Ashley and we do get a LOT of skin care questions and requests but this is where we get the topics to discuss on our podcast-from  you! we DO answer some of them on our podcast!  This is the only way to ask me these questions is to become a member. 

How to remove capillaries, skin tags, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, cherry angiomas, sun spots, milia, Seborrheic Keratosis. Treatment options is what I am discussing today with my experience as a Master Esthetician with over 13 years of experience along with owning my own spa.

Question : Sharon – lapree beauty – what do you recommend for broken capillaries on the face? Well, you are in luck bc I have had broken capillaries and removed mine last year. First off, what are broken capillaries & how do you get them? When you see small red streaks or blotches on the face, those are capillaries (spider web like appearance) -which are essentially tiny blood vessels that rupture and they become visible through the skin. I usually saw them  in my former spa on the client’ s nose, cheeks and chin area. Mine were on the sides of my nose. 

Capillaries are connected to the larger veins and arteries of the body.They aren’t serious BUT if you have a large amount or if they are causing you pain then you need to let your doctor know. 

Why do they break? The capillaries can break and become visible due to various reasons, such as aging, sun damage, pregnancy, alcohol consumption, hormonal changes, genetics, rosacea, and certain medical conditions. These factors weaken the capillary walls, causing them to dilate and break, which leads to the appearance of broken capillaries.

Listen to this episode of Spa Skin and Beauty for treatment options and how I Personally removed mine.

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Ashley, I hope you are having a great time and can’t wait to hear about your trip.


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