Magnesium is a main mineral that your body needs. Do you want beautiful skin? Then, you need a healthy body to create it, and one part to that is Magnesium. We dive into why MOST of us don’t have enough of this mineral, why we really need magnesium, and what is the best way to get it! We also promise to include some funny stories to make learning about this mineral and your skin fun!

 Today’s focus is What’s the Big Deal about Magnesium? Did you know that most of us are deficient in magnesium? Meaning it is close to 80% of Americans! That’s an incredibly high rate and got our attention. Therefore, we wanted to devote an entire episode of Spa Skin and Beauty to discuss the following about the mineral, magnesium.

We dive into:

What’s the big deal about this mineral?

What supplements do we both recommend and take? (For the complete list find in lapree beauty, our esthetician led skincare community.)

Why YOU need Magnesium?

What is the minimum amount you should be getting every day?

What types of foods are rich in Magnesium?

Why you may want to supplement and what are they, besides taking it in pill form?

What is the easiest way for your children to get this mineral?

What happens if you are deficient in this mineral?

What can this mineral help you with?

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P.S. One of our favorite Magnesium skincare supplements is from Water and Wellness. These are the glass ampoules we mention on the show. It’s best to take them first thing when you wake up in the morning. Hold the liquid under your tongue for about a minute before swallowing. It does taste a bit salty, but I like that because I know that it is full of minerals that are good for my body. By the way, Lindsey and I both pay for these ampoules with our own money. We hope you enjoy them too.