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Today’s Spa Skin and Beauty podcast dives into Cold Laser Therapy and the Lyma Laser too! Lasers have been around in the skin game for a while. I am sure you have heard about IPL, BBL, Fractional Lasers, and deeper ablative lasers where some outer layers of the skin are removed, but today we want to focus on a laser that we are EXTREMELY interested in called Cold Laser. Cold Laser is a type of low-level laser technology therapy! It has impressive results and most importantly it is painless. We also share the latest cold laser device that is available for you to use at home and give you our thoughts on that. Currently, it is the only clinical grade device that can be used at home and is FDA approved.

In this Spa Skin and Beauty podcast episode we go over what a cold laser is, as well as explain how it is different from other low level laser technology such as LED lights. Hint – It’s supposed to be 100xs more effective than LED!

Cold Lasers are said to dramatically improve:

acne scars

skin elasticity – think around jowls and tear troughs.

crow’s feet

thread veins

skin texture and tone


Body scars

Stretch marks!


Lasers have been around in the skin game for a while. I am sure you have heard about IPL, BBL, Fractional Lasers, deeper ablative lasers where some outer layers of the skin are removed but today, we want to focus on a laser that we love the most which is: Cold Laser. It is a type of low-level laser technology therapy! In case you are wondering, yes, LED lights are also a type of low-level laser technology. Let’s go over what a cold laser is and how it is different from LED lights. Also, is it more effective or the same? So much good stuff to learn!! 

Cold Lasers are supposed to be 100 times more effective than LED lights; it doesn’t hurt, will not burn or damage your skin like other laser treatments. It is painless because it is essentially a laser light. What does that mean? Lasers can emit monochromatic and coherent light in a single wavelength which keeps the energy of the beam narrowly focused and in a straight line. Because of this, light can reach further and penetrate deeper into the skin, meaning it can go past your muscle and fat tissues!
It is said to create firmer skin, minimize crow’s feet, wrinkles, thread veins and scarring. It can also be used on your body for any scarring and also for cellulite! Now Y’all know I am on a cellulite journey to reduce my cellulite on my legs. I was super excited to discover this part. In studying cold lasers, I found that it helps cellulite because it penetrates deep into the skin and through the epidermis and dermis to treat the fat cells and raised bands of connective tissue directly.

I am also really interested in this because of its ability to improve scarring. If you have acne scars – this is really going to be so fantastic for you to try –
I have a scar above my left eyebrow that bothers me to no end as well as a c-section scar that I would love to diminish… 

Also, my son has a really bad scar on his knee from an accident. 

With my other low level laser device – which is my LED device I have noticed it has significantly helped with my scars – meaning it is not raised on my forehead, before if I ran my fingers over it I could feel it, but now I can not – that is huge!! However if I can make it even more invisible and especially with my c-section scar that would be great. 

To explain the science behind it in a way that I can understand is this: as the laser penetrates the muscle tissue and fat it is going to have a microscopic heat effect. In a very precise amount, the laser produces a powerful switch inside your cells! I think of it like a light switch. Meaning, the aging cells are switched off and the cells that are linked with renewal are switched on. While researching this, it claims it is going to allow your skin to act either a decade or decades younger. So if you are in your 40s or 50s – then your skin has a chance to act like it is in its 20s or 30s.

I am very excited about this as I have seen so much improvement in my skin since using our led devices that we recommend. We both use them several times a week – and be warned that not all led devices are equally effective – the ones we recommend are in our online shop because these are the ones we can confidently say, work for us! So if this is what my skin looks like by using Led and the oneskin and the Droplette – I mean, oh my goodness – So very excited because I’m always trying to push off those invasive procedures.

Just to give you a short background – Low level laser therapy was discovered by scientists in the 1960s with the invention of the ruby laser and Surgeon Endre Mesters’ contributions. It is and was used to deal with issues beneath the surface of the skin to rebuild cartilage and heal tendons, but it could not be used at home. Now, they found an alternative light source that can be used at home which is why we all have or should be using LED lights to improve your skin. The difference between lasers and LED is because they are using 2 different forms of light. 

LED is scattered light, where Laser light goes through the layers of the skin. When you are using the cold laser on your skin, you will notice it getting pink and this is a good sign. That means it is increasing your circulation – but don’t worry, it will be painless. Why is increasing your circulation so important? BECAUSE… when you are boosting your circulation, you are feeding oxygen and nutrients to your skin and at the same time – so this is going to help improve your complexion and other skin conditions as we mentioned before. To really get scientific – the light therapy process is called photobiomodulation – there’s your word for the day – and it is used to try and stimulate the mitochondria of your cells. And Mitochondria’s function is to produce energy. 

Lyma Laser

Let’s talk about Price. The at home device that is a medical grade device that is similar to the one they use in hospitals is called LYMA Laser. It is at a high price point of around $2700 but before you go – OMG! and dismiss it as we initially did with the sticker shock, I want us to think about why it costs so much and is it actually cheaper to have this then go in for treatments. 

The pros for the Lyma laser – it will last for 10 years. You can use the Lyma laser at home every single day and you can use it on your family – so not only for yourself but also for your children or grandchildren or your spouse, etc. Any device that is medical grade is going to be expensive. I can say that the LED device that we use is around $1750.00.. For the LED lights we have Yes, it is expensive and yes, it is an investment but yes it does work and yes, I use it 3 times a week and yes, I see results. So same with the Lyma – it is expensive to create a professional device like this because it is the same device that you are going to see in the aesthetic clinics and hospitals. So, I look at it this way, I can either get 6 treatments at a professional clinic every year and we all know aesthetic treatments are super pricey or I can buy the Lyma laser, use it at home, every day on myself and my family. In the long run, purchasing the Lyma laser is going to save you a ton of money. For example: My husband had a red spot from a blemish that we needed to get rid of as well as pain in his foot from hiking so he used my Celluma on his foot and using my Current Body mask on his face. If we went to a spa that week for both of us 3 x a week it would have cost with tip probably over $300…and that’s just for one week. See how easy it is to pay for the device for home use?

How to Use:

To get the most benefits especially at the beginning is to use it twice a day and use it for 15 minutes on each area that you want to improve. So, if using this on your face and neck expect at least an hour. But you can do this while watching tv, or helping your kids or grandkids with their homework, or sitting in the car line or at a soccer game (yes, the laser will penetrate through sunscreen and yes, you better be wearing sunscreen if you are at a soccer game or sitting in car line). 

Want to mention that the laser is surrounded by some blue lights. As we have spoken about in our emf podcast we spoke about blue lights and how they are not really good for you. However, there is a spectrum of blue lights – and these blue lights are at the turquoise end of the blue spectrum and are actually beneficial for your skin – I thought that was interesting! It is there to kill the bacteria on the surface level of your skin. I wanted to mention this, because if you are doing your laser treatment at night time, it won’t disrupt or affect your sleep. 

Ashley and I wanted to bring this to your attention because I am always looking for the latest scientific devices, creams to reverse my skin’s age. Depending on your budget, this may be something you want to save up for Christmas or you can purchase it now and start tackling your problem areas. They have some pretty incredible before and after photos – you can find the Lyma cold laser in our online shop and once you click on it, it will take you directly to the website so you can explore the photos and more information if interested. 

By the way, they are not sponsoring this podcast and we bought one with our own money to test out the results. At week 7, Ashley is already seeing impressive changes. Our goal for you and for ourselves is to have our most beautiful, youthful skin that we can. 

I also thought this was interesting: They have excellent google reviews. I want to read you one that I found. It’s a long review, so bear with me but I thought it was awesome: 

The Lyma laser is a magic wand!

“I am 47 years old and have tried many anti-aging procedures and gadget. Anti-wrinkle injections, filler, led, microcurrent, ultrasound, skin boosters, micro needling etc. This is the best thing I have tried by far! I have seen a great improvement in all of my problem areas on my face. Lines are reduced, skin and lips are plumper, skin is tighter and more glowy and the sagging in my jowls is much better. I feel like I am ageing in reverse! It is an expensive device, but you truly get what you pay for. I don’t throw away money lightly, but the science is here to back up what they claim the device does. It is stimulating your skin down to the base layer and making your skin act like it did when you were younger. It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and its slowing down the ageing process too. I have not heard of any other product that can do this. It is very well made with medical grade components so hopefully it will last a few years. I read a lot about skincare and science and a leading skincare expert who specializes in anti-aging said the best way to age well and naturally is to do so something which will treat the whole face. Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can be a quick fix, but they are not helping your skin overall and the aging process. This device is stimulating your skin tissues including your fat and muscle cells which decline with age so giving you a natural rejuvenation. I don’t want to look like i have stuff done with hamster cheeks and a trout pout, i want to look natural and I’m sure that most people do apart from a select few who enjoy looking weird, to each their own! I really like that I can treat over my thyroid area and right under my eyes and brow bone. I have noticed a great improvement in my skin laxity in these areas. Before I used this, when I did a snap test on my skin it was really slow to spring back under my eyes and neck. Now its springing back so much better which proves to me that it has built new collagen. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone. It is an investment but as far as I’m concerned it has been thoroughly worth it. “

Oh! Before we go, there are products that come with the device – a mist and a serum. If you get them on a monthly basis for a subscription it will run you, I think about $149. Should you purchase it once your first order runs out? 

If you can afford it, I would. 

The serums and mist are designed to use with the Lyma laser because it has a special form of oxygen that your skin can absorb. As we age our skin loses oxygen and our cells don’t have the energy inside them that they once did. This is a way to get it back in.

Why is oxygen so important to our skin? Oxygen is vital for cell regeneration which is why it will have an impact on helping scars to heal and aiding in faster cell turnover. 

So for example, when you were 18 years old your cell turnover rate was 14 to 21 days… while at 50 years old it can take up to 60 to 90 days. 

Now will the Lyma laser still work if you don’t continue to purchase the mist and the serum? Yes, it will. It will just take longer to achieve the maximum results. So maybe you can purchase it every other month?

We will see you again Next Tuesday and Until Next Time! 

Beauty Smiles,

Lindsey and Ashley

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