Classic Work Halloween style

Classic. Simple. Effortless. Easy. Work friendly

THAT is what we need for work when styling for Halloween.

Do you need to be able to move freely, be presentable for meetings, the ability to change if needed and remove pieces when necessary while at the office on Halloween? If so, let’s hear it for the easy PINK LADY Halloween look!

This is such a simple and cute look to put together in minutes!

Let your co-worker have fun with wild face paint and a hard to sit down costume, while you work comfortably and save your skin with effortless chic style.

A quick pink jacket from Amazon, oversized large white sunnies, a BRIGHT PINK lipstick and pink scarf for starters. Finish the look with a simple black tunic, black jeggings and black ballet flats and you are set!

Work ready here you come!

Grab the looks so easy below and have a BOO-tiful Halloween!

Need another inspo piece? Can we say the modern Mary Poppins? Look here! OR check out these Halloween WORK WEAR outfits as well I pulled together!

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