five minute makeup
Five minute Makeup Routine

Good morning! Let’s get ready together with my five-minute makeup for your busy mornings.

Is your morning like an airplane taking off with lots going on and at full speed? Mine sure is! My goal is to have this epic quiet morning like other people with meditation and “me time” for 10 minutes.

However, in the mornings, I am one hurried lady and have developed a five-minute makeup routine for my busy mornings. This quick makeup routine allows me to look put together with glowing skin, as I am an Esthetician, so my skin literally sells my service. So, you better believe I take care of it and use products that work the best for anti-aging skin.

Here are my current go-To’s for that QUICK, five-minute routine.

p.s. this is make-up, not skincare-so my skincare would add another 5-8 minutes on top of this.

  1. Toner: I like this toner to balance my skin. Either spritz on gently or use a pre-moistened cotton round, spritz and apply. I like to Ph balance and hydrate that skin prior to make-up!
  2. Sunscreen Untinted and Sunscreen tinted Moisturizer: I have used both of these sunscreens for my face for over three years now. It glides on smoothly, has great coverage and doesn’t make me feel as if I have sunscreen all over my face.
  3. Primer : Dimethicone has been doing a number on my skin lately, so I tried several that did not have silicone in them, and really enjoy this coconut water infused one, which is also FREE of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and vegan.
  4. The rest is inside my free lapree beauty, anti-aging skincare community! So excited to see you inside as you now have access!