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Fine lines and Wrinkles Oh My! These skincare questions are coming straight from our members at lindseyholder.com. I answer questions about how to handle fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated skin after laser, and also my thoughts on the sonic smooth dermaplaning razor! So much to talk about and share from my knowledge and experience of being a Master Esthetician and former spa owner of 13 years! 

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  1. Hi Lindsey and Ashley! I recently started listening to your podcast to learn more about what products I can start to implement in my skincare routine to help with anti-aging. I am 34 years old, have 2 children under the age of 5, and within the last year have noticed the fine lines and wrinkles attacking my face!! Of course, like most young adults, I never paid much attention to my skincare, SPF, and staying out of the sun when I was younger. And am now making up for that. I practice a more holistic lifestyle, so I love listening to your podcasts that go over more alternatives when it comes to skincare. I feel very bombarded with all the different brands and gadgets, so I’m trying to focus in on a routine that works for me, with your guidance and recommendations. I look forward to exploring the products you recommend and can’t wait to bring some youthfulness back to my face!! I struggle with the fine lines on my forehead and crow’s feet area that I have become extremely self-conscious about. So really hoping your advice helps me tackle these trouble areas. Thanks again for a great Spa Skin and Beauty podcast!!

So GREAT learning a little bit about you and your skin needs! To get you going quickly: the modality I would definitely start out with is the LED face mask. For your forehead lines, I would use both the SIO patches as well as the Retinol capsules by the Droplette Device. Retinol and Tretinoin are always going to make a big difference in wrinkles and overall skin tone and texture. We have an entire podcast  just on retinol, which is episode 76. I  think that is a great episode to go and listen to learn about the science of retinol, what it does , how long it take to work, why does it take so long and how to choose a retinol product. GO SLOW adding in the retinol. Start with those products first and get used them first.  So LED mask, Sio patches and retinol. Then you won’t feel overwhelmed and will also see great results.
When you are ready to add in another product, I recommend the OneSkin for your face- and OneSkin for your eyes – use HOLDER15 for your discount code. I talk about these OneSkin products ALL the time on the podcast and we have a dedicated page to One skin which list before and after pictures and the products we like. Be sure to use code HOLDER15 for 15% off your first order. 

For the Am, once you have done the above, I would highly recommend adding a Vitamin C serum in the morning. Not all Vitamin C serums are the same so do your research. Or use the ones that I like, which I have listed here – Vitamin C products that I like.

We also have a podcast that goes into everything Vitamin C, which is in episode 77 titled “The Benefits of Vitamin C for your skin”. Vit C is an amazing antioxidant and will also help your sunscreen work harder. So, speaking of sunscreens, you are going to of course want to add a sunscreen on your skin daily so all of the hard work that you are doing for your skin will pay off!

This is an easy routine that you will see results and one I use myself. I hope that helps! Keep me posted how you like them!

For the Rest of the Questions and Answers enjoy listening to the full Spa Skin and Beauty Podcast Episode!

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