It’s Fall Y’all!! That means fall skincare and so much more!

Us sisters and esthetician  share a few of our favorite fall skincare products and some things coming up for the Fall season. 

Fall skincare secrets, 

Fall plans and adventures
Ways they like to spend quiet, cozy evenings

Cooler weather wardrobe picks

Where they are traveling to this autumn

All of their excitement for this Fall season! 


Lindsey’s Favorite Fall Wardrobe

Filtered water for fall cozy drink – discount code spaskinandbeauty

Purity Coffee – Healthy coffee 

Hot Chocolate – Keto & Healthy

Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate – Keto and Healthy

Lindsey’s Favorite Mug and Strainer

Humidifier– it gets rid of the water for you! Also, you can add your essential oils to

Hiking Pack for Ellison

Nails – refresh your colors – dark pansie, terra cotta- code lapree15

Overnight Sleep Mask – fall skincare mask – love the texture and spicyness. lindseyrholder for 20% off

Healthy swaps – including all the date syrups and treats – 

Pregnancy Book – You’re Pregnant! 100 Tips on What to Know

All items for this Podcast in one spot. 

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With over 13 years of experience being both a licensed esthetician and owning her own spa with her skin obsessed sis and researcher Ashley working right beside her! Let’s listen to these sisters’ thoughts, facts, opinions, and advice on skincare and ways to optimize your health!

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