I have not been able to go on a true vacation in quite a while, hence I created this podcast to show you how to prepare your small business to go on vacation.

As a small business owner of a spa, I have to prepare myself not to be physically at my business. I had to re-build the business after COVID, so my physical presence was needed every single day. Right before COVID, I was in such a sweet spot; I was loving my schedule where I was growing the business on the back end. And then, the whole spa shut down, and I had to completely rebuild from scratch!

Now, that it is rebuilt, I finally can take a moment and go on a much needed vacation. But how?

In this podcast, I will be sharing tips on how to prepare your small business while you are away so you are able to enjoy your vacation. Enjoy the show!

I share how to prepare your small business to go on vacation highlights…

How to cross-train your staffs
What things to prepare
What software to use
And many more.
Check out these Highlights:
Cross-train your remote and virtual team
Have a password system
Create systems
Have both google docs and videos.
Have someone (a VA or front desk) handle most of your guest feedback
Have your social media and newsletters pre-scheduled?

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