Want a simple, modest Halloween Costume that is comfortable, presentable and fun for your day at the office? I’m talking something that’s simple, effortless, easy and work friendly. The kind of costume that allows you to run your office, be presentable for meetings, take accessories on and off as required and still show up as the fun, but professional you.

Here’s my Simple, Modest Pink Lady Halloween Costume!

A Simple Modest Pink Lady Halloween Costume perfect for your day at the office

In case you missed it, The Pink Ladies are a gang of girls from the 1978 musical Grease starring my favorite character Olivia Newton John. They’re dating the T-Birds and routinely hang out as a large group at the Frosty Palace. Throughout the movie they can be seen sporting their Pink Ladies jackets.

This is such a simple and cute look that can be thrown together in the few minutes you have up your sleeve before you dash out the door to your first meeting of the day. Slap on your favorite bright pink lipstick, a bold pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to go!

A Simple Modest Pink Lady Halloween Costume perfect for your day at the office

It’s time to say goodbye to stressing over hard to organise costumes and let your co-worker have fun with the wild face paint. Be productive, professional and positive with a simple, modest, chic look that allows you to put your best work face forward! Not to mention save your skin!

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A Simple Modest Pink Lady Halloween Costume perfect for your day at the office

A quick pink jacket from Amazon, oversized large white sunnies, a BRIGHT PINK lipstick and pink scarf for starters. Finish the look with a simple black tunic, black jeggings and black ballet flats and you are set!

A simple, modest pink lady work ready outfit that will have you rocking your day!

Grab the looks so easy below and have a BOO-tiful Halloween!

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Wishing you a very Happy Halloween from me! Your trusted esthetician,


A simple classic Mary Poppins Halloween Costume