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How to Properly Rock YOUR Birthday

CELEBRATE YOU on your next SPECIAL  Birthday {here is how I rocked mine}:   LOOK: {Bring in your favorite flowers or arrangement-I heart these Gerber daisies from Trader Joe’s} DO: Spend time with your biggest heart {My ‘LIL nephew: chasing him in the park, swinging and watching that lil guy slide} GET: Treat yourself to […]

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Giving Back

  Inspired by my church’s recent teachings on giving back & mentoring, I scratched my southern ‘do’ & thought what could I do to help lead & mentor my supportive Savvy Readers?   ‘Ding’ , my lightbulb went off! A  FREE, gratis, complimentary 45 minute session for a current or upcoming Assistant! What? Your chance […]

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Peter Rabbit Carrot Cake

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

In celebration of my nephew Reeves being born, I am sharing the Peter Rabbit baby shower I hosted for my sister. Surprisingly, it was challenging  finding Peter Rabbit themed decor that matched what I was looking for, so created them myself. Here are a few ideas for your next Baby Shower party!   Peter Rabbit […]

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YOU beautiful woman….Yes, YOU

*If I talk about my cellulite, please stop me *As I complain about my spider veins, point out they are under healthy unburned skin *When I tell you my legs are too big, remind me I have them If I complain about my looks that day, show  me pictures of the woman who have survived horrific circumstances and […]

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Review AND Giveaway for Magellan’s Fatcat Solar powered travel charger!

VERY excited to be able to review this cool beans product from the awesome people at Magellan’s…my GO  To place for all of my travel necessities! Recently I was at LAX waiting for my plane while watching the battery life  rapidly die on my phone. I waited desperately for a charging station to open up, ready to pounce the […]

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