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5 Spring Time Organizational Tools

H E L L O Spring….. hallelujah you’re here! This Maxi-dress weari’n, porch swinging, tan lovi’n {airbrush of course!}, tea drinki’n, walki’n outside southern girl missed you xoxo With Spring comes the inevitable….SPRING  Organization! Check out these 5 super Cool Tricks & Tips to get you ready! 1} Martha Stewart Textured Discbound Notebook from STAPLES $23.99 *I have […]

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Year End Organization: De-Clutter Your Life

Lately I have been overwhelmed with the amount of  clothes, decor, knick ~ knacks, you name it I have collected over the years. Finding VHS tapes & a VCR in my entertainment cabinet sent me over the edge. Clutter can happen in your Closets, Your Finances and EVEN your relationships. An Amazing Book that goes […]

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Total Home Makeover book review: Transform a space by Dinner time!

How in the Dickens are every part of our life supposed to be organized? Always C R A V I N G organization tips, here are 3 Simple Steps from Total Home Makeover By Renee Metzler to make your Space Functional by Dinner!     Step 1: Design your Space Look objectively at your space & T H I N K… *What […]

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