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firecupping person

Fire-Cupping! A HOT (HAWT!)form of acupuncture

Hot FIRE cups on your back? I’m IN! I already love my monthly sessions of acupuncture, so adding fire-cupping to my routine is heavenly. To answer your first question-NOPE, doesn’t hurt a bit. In fact, the opposite. It feels A M A Z I N G. Fire-cupping has been used for over 2,000 years, these […]

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acupuncture needles

Acupuncture…a pain-free health alternative

Instead of just talking about my new found love, acupuncture….why not  show you! Take an inside look at one of my sessions with Dr. Marina Ponton of Natural Health. The age-old question…does acupuncture hurt? Nope! The needles are very small and feels like a slight pinch. Acupuncture has personally helped me over the last year […]

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chocolate chip cookie

Cookies without the guilt

I had this cookie the other day (ok, maybe not just ONE cookie!) and HAD to have the recipe. The original recipe was cut down to include better alternatives for a healthier cookie AND reduced the original recipe by 1800 calories per batch! No guilt eating chocolate chip cookies (in moderation)? I’m in! Enjoy this […]

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