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Motivational Moments for the Entrepreneur

Who is Stepping out and walking towards their DREAMS today? Remember, achieving your dreams requires goal setting, hard work and determination. I am a Dreamer but most importantly…a DOER. A great tip to reach those out of the box extra amazing dreams? ANNOUNCE them. YES! Tell everyone you are going to do it. It makes […]

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july 4th

July 4th Holiday Time Happiness

Every July 4th we celebrate America, a small business owners dream. A place where if you work hard enough, build it, stay with it you can have a chance of making your dreams come true. Nothing comes easy in life, there is no “secret”. Well, maybe there is. It is called PERSISTENCE.  You really cannot […]

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8 Interview Tips to Standout (1)

8 Interview Tips to Standout

AIM high! Wanting a New Career Start? To get that stellar position you desire means ACING that interview. I know first hand what it is like to be in both the Interview AND Interviewee seat.  Personally, I have landed the job for  some of the most coveted positions, including three World Entertainers and a Fortune 500 Executive. […]

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8 lessons I learned in Business

Thinking about starting your own business, growing your business or currently running someone else’s business? Here are my top 8 lessons I have learned over the years, especially after expanding my business. 1} Build Slowly Most dream builders like myself have an insatiable creative drive and would build multiple projects/dreams at once if possible. However, […]

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What makes a Positive Dream Builder {Part III of Dream Building}

    This is the third installment in the Dream Making posts {see previous posts  Dream Building & How to Work for a Dream Builder } . A positive dream builder/leader should be doing their part as well. After all, everyone is in it together, how fabulous!  A few qualities to look for in your dream […]

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