Buccal Fat and Ellacor

Face contouring trends as well as body contouring trends are all over the place. From celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Christy Tiegen being rumored to having their buccal fat removed to a new in-office tool that can remove skin without surgery! Today we are talking about buccal fat removal and Ellacor. What they are and our thoughts on these in office treatments and procedures.

Before we get into buccal fat removal and ellacor I wanted to share with you something that I recently found out! And by the way, it’s not an ad or sponsored. This has to do with my wellness journey so I thought I would share really quick and let you know. If you have any tips, please reach out to me in our lapree beauty community (our esthetician led anti-aging skincare community) by sending me a direct message!

So, I am really trying to work on my strength and as you age, you automatically lose muscle. I think it’s 3 to 5% that you lose per decade after 30. Why does this matter? Because you can really mess yourself up with a fall. Plus, you need to be strong to stay active. Being active keeps you young and healthy and it will make your skin look great with all of that circulation. It tones and just perks things up! Think of children for instance! They are never sitting down. They are always running and jumping and playing – they are the symbol of youth. Anyways, you need to incorporate some kind of strength training and then make sure you are getting enough protein. Now, for me I can only handle so much chicken or if I am craving a plant source – tofu and beans. This brings me to my topic! I recently found a new protein that can come in protein powders – its Choco. It contains more protein than any other plant source. Currently, I am using pea protein powder in my morning organic cashew yogurt – but this Choco is supposed to be even more digestible than the pea protein. I don’t use whey protein powders because I have issues with dairy. 

I don’t have a protein powder with this Choco ingredient in it yet as I am looking into it – if you know of one that is fantastic be sure to let me know. Okay back to the buccal fat and ellacor topic! Thanks~Ashley

Today’s podcast we go over:

What you can expect from an Ellacor Treatment

What it is supposed to improve

Costs of the treatment

Our thoughts and opinions on Ellacor- would we get it? Is it worth it?

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

What does the procedure do?

How much does Buccal Fat removal cost?

Our thoughts and opinions on Buccal Fat removal- would we get it? Is it worth it?

Beauty Smiles,

Ashley and Lindsey

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