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Does Botox in a Bottle aka Argireline have benefits that are worthy of all the hype? It has been called Botox in a bottle as well as Botox in a jar! It has been said to be the solution to stop fine lines and wrinkles without the painful injections of Botox. Let’s dive deeper into the facts so you can discover if this is true or clever marketing in disguise.

But what is Argireline (Botox in a Bottle) and is it REALLY MAGICAL?

Argireline is the brand name for the ingredient Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. It reacts similarly to Botox in that it is used to reduce wrinkles brought on by repeated facial expressions such as smiling and squinting. It mimics botulinum toxin which is the ingredient in Botox. It does this by suppressing your nerve’s capability to release a signal to your facial muscles therefore limiting the movements that lead to your wrinkles. Think of Argireline as a slower, more affordable approach than Botox. It will take longer to see the results, but if you are consistent and add it into your anti-aging routine then this may be something for you to try!

A big difference between Argireline/Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Botox is that it is topical and is therefore going to also be less effective. Reason being Botox can be injected into the deep layers of your skin to stop the contractions that form these wrinkles. Argireline is topical and the effect depends on each individual and also how deeply it penetrates into the skin.

Don’t expect the same results as Botox, but it would be beneficial to incorporate into your skincare routine because it relaxes the muscles in those problematic areas. It also has been found to increase collagen fibers and hydration when incorporated into the skincare products.

There are many Argireline/ Botox in a Bottle products on the market today that contain Argireline/Acetyl Hexapeptide-8/Acetyl hexapeptide-3 and can range in price points.

How to Use Argireline or Botox in a Bottle

Before applying you need to understand if your Argireline/Acetyl Hexapeptide-8/acetyl hexapeptide-3 Botox in a Bottle is water based or oil based. If it is water based, then the solution will obviously be filled with water and hyaluronic acid because this allows the skin to absorb it more easily. If it is oil based, then it is going to create a seal around the area which will prevent any other skincare products to penetrate your skin. Meaning, if you applied your oil based Argireline product then don’t apply a cream or serum on top of it because it won’t soak into your skin, and you are just wasting product!

Personally, I prefer a water-based solution so I can layer on more products if I choose to.

Apply morning and night after cleansing face to spot treat your problematic areas: crow’s feet, 11s, forehead wrinkles and neck. (Do not use an oil-based cleanser as this will reduce the effects of the Argireline solution) Think of this as a spot treatment and apply directly to those areas. For best results, see the answer inside our anti-aging community, lapree beauty!

Be sure not to use with any acids.

If you are curious about more anti-aging skin care, then you are welcome to join lapree beauty, my anti-aging community.

Why do some Argireline products work better? You should see results within 4 weeks if you are using one with at least a 5% concentration and contains hyaluronic acid in the ingredient list because a higher water content will allow for greater penetration. Especially, if you apply after your at home microneedle routine.

Products with Argireline Benefits:

When looking for the Argireline Benefits/ Botox in a bottle product, look for one that has at least 5% of Argireline/Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 solution in it. Also, it will work better if it has hyaluronic acid in the ingredient list because it will help keep the moisture in your skin! Avoid any product that has alcohol in it because that will tend to dry out your skin.

Instead of buying one of those $400 creams do this!! See the answer in our anti-aging skincare community! Welcome!

Possible Side Effects/Risk of Argireline

Argireline is so new to the market that more extensive research needs to be done. However, we always recommend you do a patch test in case your skin experiences a reaction. Just place a small amount on your arm and wait 24 hours to see if there is any irritation or redness.

This is where it become controversial. Some say avoid if you have drooping eyelids or sagging skin around the eyes because of how it interacts with the muscles in your face. They say this may end of making the drooping/sagging worse.

We suggest you avoid if you have facial tics, sunburns or irritated, sensitive skin.

Also, check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant, breast feeding, or trying to conceive.

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