Why you NEED this Accessory Right Now!

  • Provides sun protection
  • Adds sophisticated & youthful style to any summer outfit
  • Multiple options for different DAILY uses

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Think Happy thoughts from The sisters!

Lindsey and Ashley

Sun Ready Hats play a HUGE ROLE in my summer wardrobe.  As a Spa owner and Licensed Esthetician, I know first-hand the damage those rays can have on my skin, and I make sure to protect it as much as possible. With that said, a good brim must be both stylish and versatile.

This weekend my sister Ashley and I are heading to a spa conference, so we are packing up travel friendly, sun ready hats and pairing it with some comfy rompers, totes, and sunglasses. We want to give you some Sun-Ready hat options too that we know you will love so very much! We really want you to feel good in your hat style while protecting your beautiful skin! It’s important, just like you!

Sun Ready Hats for when you wear your hair up

My sister, Ashley and I are known to wear our hair up. That’s why we both adore this one for messy bun or ponytail days! Same one here on amazon! We love and wear them both! You simply slip it over your updo and poof, you are protected! As my niece says, “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!”

Sun Ready Hat Visors

It rolls nicely for packing and comes with adjustable straps. The width of this brim is fantastic! Love that it comes in four colors too and did we mention the price is pretty too! So great for squeezing it into your suitcase or beach bag.

Love the coverage, love the elastic in the back on this one! It makes it a comfortable fit which can be hard to find. Plus, it’s made from straw and palm leaf, how cool is that?!

Two sizes available plus spf 50 coverage and it’s wrapped up with a super cute bow in the back! I also love that this is made from a small family business. I am a HUGE fan of supporting small businesses as I have owned a small business day spa for over ten years. I know how hard it is and rewarding it is. I love being an esthetician and I love showing others how to properly take care of their skin. I created lapree beauty, our anti-aging free community because skincare is my passion if you haven’t been able to tell. Which is why I love writing articles such as this one, so you can always find ways to protect your face.

This next one is for when you are playing tennis, golfing, walking, running or doing your favorite athletic activity. And I need to mention there is a special feature that you are not going to believe! It has an option where you can expand or retract the length of the brim! Yes it does!!! See this visor and learn so much more inside our free community!

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