Bakuchiol is a great substitute for retinol if your skin cannot take the burning, stinging side effects of retinol. Bakuchiol is plant based and is used in skin care products as it stimulates cellular turnover for a smoother complexion, lighten age and sunspots for an evener skin tone, and visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. That’s why many pregnant or nursing moms like to use this gentle, yet effective ingredient as a safer and natural alternative to Retinol.

Who is bakuchiol good for?

Pregnant or Nursing mothers. People with sensitive skin or wanting a more natural, beauty ingredient.

How effective is bakuchiol?

As we age, our skin needs our help in cell renewal. Vitamin A derivatives like retinoids are known to do just this.  However, some of you may have sensitive skin or other concerns where you want a natural alternative to retinoids – see our post on retinoids as well as listen to it on our Spa Skin and Beauty podcast!

You may have experienced dryness, peeling, burning, flaking, and stinging on your skin and have given up on trying this route. If your skin is too sensitive for tretinoin or retinol, then Bakuchiol would be a great alternative to add in your nighttime routine. It is effective and will require consistency and patience. You may not get the same results as Tretinoin as it is 20 times stronger than over the counter retinols and bakuchiol, but you will still receive some cell turnover benefits. These benefits include softer lines and wrinkles, improvement of skin elasticity and firmness as well as hyperpigmentation. For those who suffer from acne, bakuchiol can help with lightening the acne spots or helping decrease the acne lesions. Also, bakuchiol does not increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun’s harmful UV rays! But you still need to apply your daily sunscreen

When trying out a new skin care product or ingredient remember to do a patch test first. We suggest finding a small area on your forearm and apply the skin care product and wait 24 hours to see if you have a reaction. 

How to choose a Bakuchiol Product

Bakuchiol will come in a serum or moisturizer. If using a serum, apply after cleansing skin, then layer with your moisturizer. As serums are lighter weight than creams.

If using a Bakuchiol moisturizer, then apply another serum first (not Vitamin C as this can be irritating) then apply the moisturizer

When researching your bakuchiol skin care product, look at the ingredient list. Some products will combine retinol and bakuchiol to increase its effectiveness where others will combine bakuchiol and squalene for a more moisturizing effect. 

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Our product recommendations for bakuchiol can be found here in our online skin care and beauty store.

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