Personal Coaching…

Lindsey Holder brings her experience as a successful business owner of two brands, SPA owner,  author, Podcast Host well-known and highly respected former Celebrity PA and Fortune 500 Executive PA to others.

Lindsey has an exceptional talent to build a business from the ground up, understanding first hand the challenges, obstacles and creative mindset that goes behind the scenes when starting a business. As one who has been interviewed and successfully worked for three Grammy winning Entertainers, she understands what it takes to obtain the job and how to conduct yourself in the interview.

Lindsey grew her current business by 45% percent in one year. How? Strategic steps, planning and learning from both successes and failures [where her best work has come out of].

If you need guidance, insight or have questions on how to build your business, want to brain-storm, have business challenges or obstacles…Lindsey IS the must have in your corner. She looks forward to helping you succeed and grow to meet your goals.

Career Coaching sessions include:

– Small business start-ups or Owners
– Leadership skills
– Interview Prep
– Resumes
– Building a Business
– Spa owners
– Estheticians
– Content Creators
– Executive PA’s
– Blogging Advice & Recommends

 Schedule a 60 minute session by contacting Lindsey’s team via: ACUITY calendar

Price: $175 for 60 minutes

*48 hour cancellation notice required. 50% deposit prior to booking*

I can’t even begin to thank Lindsey enough for her amazing help with my Health/Fitness business. She gave me countless tips, tools, resources, to set me up for an amazing future and really take my business to the next level. I have already seen great progress in the past month. She taught me to think outside the box, and expand my outreach. I truly needed her advice as to not get stuck in what I already know, but to constantly be setting higher goals and truly build my life in freedom. I will most definitely be calling on your. Services again. You truly have a gift for helping people. Thank you!

Desirae Riley

Lindsey, I cannot thank you enough for meeting with me and giving me great tips on increasing my revenue and continuing to build my business to its highest potential. As you know, I have owned my own small business for going on 10 years now, and in just in the few weeks since we met, I am already seeing amazing results from your suggestions! Having owned my business for a while, it was so helpful and refreshing to get new ideas and I appreciate your honest opinion and soon advice on maintaining and growing my awesome clientele, and in making more money… who doesn’t want to do that?! Many many thanks for all you shared with me and I DEFINITELY will seek your professional counsel in the future! You are the best!

Valerie Arthur

As a new spa owner, Lindsey really helped me prioritize my to-do list, which can be overwhelming. She has a wonderful, exciting energy about her, and I can tell she genuinely wants to help small business owners like myself. She is so easy top talk to, and eager to share her experiences with you! You can not go wrong letting Lindsey coach you to grow your business!

Katie Marvin

I would highly recommend Lindsey as a coach and mentor! It was always my dream to relocate to Los Angeles to be a PA. I was so intimidated and onerous about such a big move! Lindsey was kind enough to speak with me on the phone – she provided me with some very critical information: from the best business card styles, to networking at events, and even suggested which software is best for staying organized. Thanks to Lindsey’s great advice in those early stages of my relocation, I am now a personal assistant to a five-time Emmy award winning artist! Her books, “How to Become a Celebrity Assistant – Your Inside Source”, Is a MUST read! Thank you Lindsey!

Lena Poet