Our Story and Marriage Boundaries

Jeff and I got married June 3, 2017 and met on August 7, 2016. We married later in life, me at 40 and him at 39. So we had definitely both dated in our past and knew when we dated this time around we wanted to date God’s way. We both have a strong Christian background and knew placing God first in our marriage was a top priority. When we met, I had just finished writing my book Waiting While Dating (book launch here) and was in the editing phase of the book, so of course was going to ask Jeff every question in my book to see if he was a marriage contender. He answered every question right on point and after I had finished asking him all of the questions, I knew this was the guy for me.

One of my topics in the book relates to boundaries. Boundaries will look different while dating than marriage and will also be different for every couple. It was very interesting to learn about the different types of boundaries that every couple I interviewed in the book had. Jeff and I had boundaries when we dated and after we got married, we sat down and both wrote our agreed upon boundaries. In fact, we have them taped up in our house so everything is clear.

I decided to publish our marriage boundaries after 1) being asked about our personal boundaries from other dating and married couples to find out what they looked like and 2) to have a place to easily share our boundaries with other people and couples that are apart of our lives. As with any relationship, when things are very clear and  stated out, it makes things easier and there are no grey areas.

Below are our boundaries. I hope they help you get ideas for your own boundaries or at least a good start point. Again, it’s a personal choice and everyone’s boundaries will look completely different from others and at the end of the day, it is what is best for the couple.

Happy Boundary List Making!

Our personal boundaries for a strong, clear Christian marriage
“Therefore what God has joined together, let me no one separate”-Mark 10:9

Facebook boundaries:

*If a female or male ask to friend request, let the other partner know.  After marriage, not accepting any friends from the opposite sex except from family. If one partner is uncomfortable with another one, to no longer have them in your “friends” list. Putting the marriage first before others.  Protect your marriage first.

*If receive a message from opposite sex, inform other partner and message contents

*If needed, honor the message layout and send to other partner sharing our social media boundaries

Communication boundaries:

*CC or BCC other female or male (friends) on e-mail communications

*Keep each other posted on work people. If needed, can bcc the e-mails.  When texting, notify the other person, offer to let them read it or what their preference is

*No ongoing phone calls with friends of opposite sex. If need to speak with them, one of us is nearby within listening distance and knows you are on the call.

* During dinner time, keep each other posted on what’s going on. Let the other one know who they have spoken to, heard from, etc.

In Person boundaries:
*No meals alone with opposite sex

*If in a meeting, in a public place with door open and inform other partner before and after meeting. Bring a third person along if possible.

Media boundaries:

Read what the Netflix, movie, etc. is about and if nudity or content that would make the other person feel uncomfortable is listed, skip watching that film. If something pops up on a commercial or movie not anticipated that’s not appropriate, the other partner will look away out of respect until it’s over (ex.) a lingerie commercial coming on, etc.

Above all:

Each scenario may be different. Bottom line is to COMMUNICATE with the other partner, let them know what is going on and what their comfort level is on how to handle. Make the other person feel protected, cared for and a priority. Some situations may feel uncomfortable, but we can’t be scared to hurt someone else’s feelings to protect our union.

When at a cross roads, seek guidance and counsel from a Christian mentor

Other situations will pop up, deal with them individually as they occur. Pray about each situation when needed.



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