About me

Hi there!

You can be an assistant or professional of any kind and find something on this site that will help you do your job better. My goal is to help you EXCEL and achieve your best. So dive in! Check out the topics and keep striving to reach your goals.

I guess your wondering what my experience has been in order to know all of this thrifty and useful  information I am passing on? Well, here it goes:

My background includes having assisted for three top Grammy winning recording  artists and a Fortune 500 Executive in LA.  As an Entrepreneur at heart, I have been a small business SPA owner for over nine years at organic tan FACE AND BODY  and Esthetician,  author of  “How to Become A Celebrity Assistant: Your Inside Source” and “Waiting While Dating: Christian Couples Who Kept God First from Courtship to Marriage”. It is an honor to have been a former Remington National Style Ambassador and privilege to work with ongoing Leading Brands. From both my personal experiences with the Entertainment industry as well as my Business ventures, I look forward  to sharing with you my  insight and knowledge  from a Christian perspective.

Want me to cover any topics you would like to be covered that are not on the site? Drop me a line at lindsey@lindseyholder.com and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


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